best enshrouded ranger build

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In Enshrouded, versatility can be your greatest weapon. This guide breaks down an awesome Enshrouded archer build that combines archery, fast-paced melee combat, and a selection of spells, creating a “jack of all trades” assassin.

Building an Archer in Enshrouded for the Ultimate Ranged Assassin

At its core, our Enshrouded Archer build features a dual approach to ranged combat with both short and long bows, catering to various combat distances. The short bows allow for quick, close-range encounters, while the longbows are perfect for sniping enemies from afar.

As for melee, elemental blades are employed, offering not just physical damage but also elemental effects, enhancing combat versatility. This setup is complemented by the use of a blink-dodge action. For situations that call for area-of-effect (AOE) damage, jump attacks are incorporated.

Spellcasting adds another layer, including toxic clouds for area denial, light explosions for quick bursts of damage, meteor strikes for heavy impact, and Fireballs for ranged explosive damage.

Despite its versatility, this build is not particularly tanky and can be resource-heavy. It requires resource management and crafting skills to maintain effectiveness in prolonged fights. A notable feature for sustaining spellcasting is the use of a special ring that boosts Mana regeneration by 20% at the cost of some Mana.

Let’s dive into the particulars.

Attribute Progression

  • Early Game: Focus on Dexterity for increased archery damage.
  • Mid Game: Invest in Constitution for health and Intelligence for passive healing and spell damage.
  • Late Game: Strengthen melee capabilities with Strength, and balance with additional Constitution.
  • Stat Distribution: Aim for a balanced 10-10-10-10 split among Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, and Strength.

Skill Tree (114 Points)

Enhance damage output and critical hit chances. Key archery skills include:

  • Marksman (10% More Damage with Arrows): This skill directly increases the damage output of your arrows, making each shot more effective. It’s a foundational skill for any archer-focused build.
  • Sharpshooter (20% Damage Skill): Enhancing your damage further, Sharpshooter is critical for ensuring that your archery attacks are significantly powerful, especially against tougher enemies.
  • Skill Shot (20% More Damage on Headshots): This skill rewards precision and skill. By dealing more damage on headshots, it encourages and benefits accurate aiming, which is crucial in archery.
  • Multi-Shot (20% Chance to Shoot Multiple Arrows): Although it has the downside of consuming more arrows, this skill can be incredibly effective in dealing with groups of enemies or in situations where you need to output maximum damage quickly.
  • Ranger (Increased Endurance and Dexterity, Crit Damage and Chance): This is a comprehensive skill that not only boosts your archery damage through increased dexterity but also enhances critical hit potential, making your shots potentially devastating.

As for Melee Skills, focus on fast attacks, critical heals, and evasion. And when it comes to magic, invest in quicker spell charging and a variety of elemental attacks. We recommend the following spells:

  • Toxic Clouds: Used for creating area-of-effect (AOE) damage and potentially controlling space in combat by deploying clouds that deal toxic damage to enemies.
  • Light Explosions: These spells likely offer quick bursts of damage, suitable for fast-paced combat situations where immediate impact is necessary.
  • Meteors: Offering heavy AOE damage, meteors can be an effective way to deal with groups of enemies or to heavily damage larger foes.
  • Fireballs: Identified as a top choice for the build, Fireballs provide ranged explosive damage, making them ideal for engaging multiple enemies or dealing significant damage to single targets from a distance.


  • Food: Utilize food for stat boosts, focusing on the main stat of preference (Dexterity for archery, Strength for melee).
  • Elixirs and Potions: Use these for temporary boosts in damage and health regeneration.

Weapons & Gear Selection

  • Bow Choice: Prioritize fast draw speed in the late game. Long bows are ideal for sniping, while short bows are for closer combat. Go for bows that have added piercing damage.
  • Melee Weapons: Opt for Elemental melee weapons with ice or fire damage, found in golden chests in endgame areas.
  • Shroud Weaver: The best staff for range and spellcasting.
  • Special Arrows: Craft various arrows but note the high resource cost. Exploding arrows are powerful but scarce.
  • Grenades: Useful against explosive critters in the early game.

Armor and Accessories

Choose gear based on aesthetics and functionality, with a focus on range crit chance and damage, health, stamina, and Mana. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Deer Stalker Hood: Chosen for its range crit strike chance and crit damage. It’s highlighted as a preferred option for its aesthetics and functionality.
  • Soldier Chest Plate: Recommended for its significant boost to health and stamina, making it a valuable piece for survivability.
  • Glo Monarch Chest: An alternative to the Soldier Chest Plate, this chest piece also provides a substantial health boost and additionally offers mana. It’s mentioned as an option for those who might prefer its benefits and appearance.
  • Deer Stalker Gloves: These are recommended for their bonus to range damage and a damage multiplier specifically for ranged attacks.
  • Eagle Eye Trousers: Chosen for the sprint speed bonus they offer, along with solid physical and magical resistance. These trousers are noted for their effectiveness in enhancing mobility and defense.
  • Spell Binder Boots: These were found in a random chest and are recommended for the build, though specific benefits are not detailed in the transcript.
  • Eagle Eye Helmet (Alternative to Deer Stalker Hood): It offers similar stats to the Deer Stalker Hood but with more physical and magical resistance. The choice between the two seems to be based on player preference regarding appearance.

To compliment your armor, also include:

  • Rings: Use the Ring of Endless Life for health leech and the Ring of Rapacity for Mana regeneration.
  • Glider: Acquire the best glider for mobility, like the Ghost Glider from the sun temple.

This Enshrouded archer build offers a dynamic and engaging playstyle, capable of adapting to various combat scenarios. If you enjoyed this, why not check out our Mage and Paladin builds? Or if you prefer charging in head-first to all this stealth shenanigans, maybe a Tank build is for you.