getting ancient technology points in palworld

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Get techy.

‍In Palworld, one of the crucial elements of progression is the acquisition of Ancient Technology Points. These function as a resource to unlock recipes for gear, weapons, and buildings. They aren’t necessarily easy to track down, though, so here we’re offering an overview of where to find them and make sure you have a plentiful supply.

Importance of Ancient Technology Points

Ancient Technology Points in Palworld are used to unlock essential equipment such as the egg incubator and feed bag – tools that are crucial to progress in the game.

The method of obtaining these points, while straightforward, does require some grinding. The key strategy is to defeat new world bosses and dungeon bosses for the first time. Each victory against a new boss rewards you with one Ancient Technology Point. However, repeated victories against the same boss (achieved via the respawn function) only yield regular loot and not additional points.

There are different bosses in Palworld, of course, so let’s break down each type and how many points you get for each.

World Bosses and Syndicate Towers

World bosses and Syndicate Towers are the best source of Ancient Technology Points because they’re where you’ll find the most challenging fights in the game, and doing so rewards you with five Ancient Technology Points.

Alpha Pal Bosses

Scattered throughout Palworld are 42 Alpha Pal bosses. These bosses can be found in the open world or inside their instances similar to a dungeon. Defeating an Alpha Boss for the first time rewards you with one Ancient Technology Point. It’s important to note the first victory against each boss is the only one that will reward you with a point. We’ve got a full list of all bosses in the game if you want to know where to find them. That, or use our interactive map page.

Unlock List for Ancient Technology Points

Here’s an overview of what you can unlock with your points at various levels in Palworld:

  • Level 7: Egg Incubator
  • Level 10: Small Feed Bag
  • Level 12: Grappling Gun
  • Level 14: Pal Essence Condenser
  • Level 17: Mega Grappling Gun
  • Level 20: Average Feed Bag
  • Level 22: Hip Lantern
  • Level 26: Large Feed Bag
  • Level 29: Single-shot Sphere Launcher
  • Level 32: Giga Grappling Gun
  • Level 35: Huge Feed Bag
  • Level 38: Scatter Sphere Launcher
  • Level 40: Lily’s Spear
  • Level 42: Decal Gun Set
  • Level 45: Giant Feed Bag
  • Level 47: Hyper Grappling Gun
  • Level 50: Homing Sphere Launcher

Getting Ancient Technology Points in Palworld takes time, which makes sense given they’re the tools you need to unlock key equipment. That grind is all part of the survival experience.