best enshrouded mage build

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One zap.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to building a character in Enshrouded, and if you’re more of a wizard than a brute then you’re in luck. Mages in Enshrouded can punish enemies with impressive damage capabilities from spells and wands. Here we’ll provide what we consider the best Mage build in Enshrouded, detailing skill trees, gear, consumables, and gameplay strategies.

How to Build a Mage in Enshrouded

As a Mage, wands will be your primary weapon, offering consistent mid-range damage. Acquiring Skill Points through leveling up and clearing Elixir Wells and Shroud Root Trees is crucial for boosting your build’s strength.

First things first though, regardless of what build you’re going for you should put your initial talents into more general slots. These include:

  • Merciless Attack – 2 Skill Points
  • Power Parry – 2 Skill Points
  • Sneak Attack – 3 Skill Points
  • Backstab Damage – 2 Skill Points
  • Well Rested – 1 Skill Point

Put Talents in the Battle Mage Skill Tree

In the early game, you’ll have a limited mana pool, so you’ll need to lean on using your wand for most combat encounters. That means pouring points into the Battle Mage tree to enhance it is a wise choice. Here’s what we recommend:

Battle Mage Talents:

  • Intelligence: This attribute boosts your magic damage by 5% per point.
  • Absorb: This provides a 10% chance to generate 1 mana when you take damage.
  • Unity: This offers a 24% chance to recover 2% mana on wand attack.
  • Sting: This increases the damage dealt by repeated wand attacks by 20%.
  • Wand Master: This gives a 30% chance to spawn an additional wand projectile.
  • Spirit: This attribute increases your mana by 20 per point.
  • Blink Attack or Emergency Blink: These optional abilities replace Dodge Roll with a teleport or escape stuns.

Again, unlike spells, wands require no mana, allowing you to attack enemies from mid-range positions safely. Upgrading wand damage is essential as it synergizes with all magic damage multipliers later in the game, including bonuses from the critical perks in the Wizard tree.

Pro tip: always keep a plentiful amount of staff ammo on hand, and learn how to craft it.

Wizard Tree

After completing the Battle Mage tree, turn your attention to the Wizard tree to enhance your damage multipliers and gain critical buffs.

Wizard Talents:

  • This Is The Way: This increases all damage by 10% when attacking with a magical weapon.
  • Arsonist: This increases all fire damage by an additional 10%.
  • Pyromaniac: This boosts all fire damage by an additional 20%.
  • Radiant Aura: This causes all Fell (shroud enemies) within 10 meters to take 1 fire damage per intelligence, per second.
  • Sun Aura: This increases Radiant Aura damage by 1 fire damage per intelligence.
  • Iceman: This increases all ice damage by an additional 10%.
  • Sub Zero: This boosts all ice damage by an additional 20%.
  • Wizard: This increases your critical strike chance by 10% when attacking with a magical weapon.
  • Chain Hit: On a critical hit with a magic weapon, the attack will automatically hit a second enemy within 15 meters for 5 Shock per Intelligence.
  • Mass Destruction: A critical attack with a magic weapon will hit all enemies within 20 meters of the target for 2 Shock damage per intelligence.
  • Quick Charge: This reduces the time staffs are required to charge up a spell by 50%.

The Wizard tree focuses on elevating damage multipliers for both Fire and Frost. As Fire and Frost wands are the primary mid-game drops, improving these will augment your damage capabilities.

The Trickster Build: Gaining the Edge

The Trickster build offers additional Intelligence stats and key passives like Terror and Arcane Concentration, which are especially beneficial in the late game.

Trickster Talents:

  • Counterstrike: This gives a 20% chance to reflect 50% of the damage back to the attacker as fire damage.
  • Begone: This replaces your unarmed attacks as long as you have the mana available (30 mana).
  • Terror: On a critical hit with a spell, the target will be stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Arcane Concentration: You gain one spirit for every two Flame Levels.

Best Gear for a Mage

The gear you use in the game will depend on your current stage in the game. However, the general themes include items that increase your magical damage.


  • Red Mushroom: Increases magic damage.
  • Mushroom Omelet: Adds +4 Intelligence for 40 minutes.
  • Prayer of the Flame Scroll: Boosts magic damage by +20%.
  • Elixir: Adds a +30% Damage Multiplier.

Armor Sets:

  • Mage Set: This Level 13 crafted set boosts your magic.
  • Magician Set: This is a Level 18 set.
  • Mystic Set: This is a random armor drop from Level 18 chests.
  • Warlock or Archmage Set: These are Level 23 sets that improve wand or spell caster damage.
  • Guard of the North Set: This is a Level 13 set acquired in the Pike capital city.

Mage Gameplay and Tips

In playing a Mage in Enshrouded, you’ll want to maintain distance from enemies. Opening a fight with a powerful staff spell and then relying on the Wand for sustained damage is a smart strategy. Moreover, always bring potent potions for health and mana to provide a safety net if you encounter heavy damage.

In your average combat encounter, try to begin with Firebolt, using a powerful staff spell as your initial strike to inflict significant damage on your adversaries. Always ensure you have a good supply of powerful health and mana potions for timely restoration.

When venturing into small caves and dungeons, adopt a proactive defensive strategy by considering pre-blocking, thereby preparing yourself for sudden threats. It’s worth utilizing the Blink skill, which is instrumental in creating critical space between you and your enemies, enhancing your agility and survivability in combat.

That wraps up our overview of the best Mage build in Enshrouded, and how to use it effectively in combat.