all nightingale materials and resource locations

Image source: Inflexion Games

Chop, chop.

Like any good survival game, Nightingale offers a rich crafting mechanic that requires players to gather a wide variety of materials and resources. Whether you’re crafting items, building structures, or upgrading weapons, knowing where to find each material is all part of the journey. But who doesn’t want a handy reference to help? Here’s a comprehensive guide to all resources in Nightingale and how to get them.

All Nightingale Material Locations & How to Get Them

Let’s break down which resources can be gathered or require crafting separately.

Gathered Resources

  • Arcane Wick: Found from Bound Minions.
  • Bones: Obtained from Deer, Hogs, and Wolves using any Hunting Knife.
  • Carved Stone: Mined from rocks in Antiquarian Realms.
  • Chitin: Collected from Spiders using a Simple Hunting Knife or better.
  • Coal: Found in black Coal nodes in caves in Provisioner Realm using any Pickaxe.
  • Coral: Located near water.
  • Etched Ingot: Discovered in Antiquarian Realms.
  • Essence Dust: Obtained from Deconstructing items.
  • Eoten Heart: Found from Elder Eoten in Forest Hunt Realm.
  • Fish & Fish (Fen Bass): Fished from water and Swamps respectively using any Fishing Rod.
  • Grass: Collected from grasses and bushes using a hand or any Sickle.
  • Gunpowder: Found from Bound Minions.
  • Hide: Obtained from Deers, Hogs, and Wolves using any Hunting Knife.
  • Ingot (Copper, Lacunus, Tin): Mined in Gloom, Antiquarian, and Abeyance Realms respectively with any Pickaxe.
  • Meat: Obtained from Deers, Hogs, and Wolves using any Hunting Knife.
  • Mushroom: Found on the ground but in shaded areas.
  • Ore: Collected from Ore or Tin veins using a Pickaxe.
  • Plant Fibre: Gathered from plants, flowers, and weeds, using hands or any Sickle. Often found near water.
  • Raw Berries: Found from berry bushes in the Forest biome.
  • Raw Gems: Obtained from Gem or Quartz nodes using any Pickaxe.
  • Rock: Found on the ground, in small piles of rocks.
  • Seed: Obtained from plants.
  • Stick: Found on the ground or from saplings.
  • Stone Block: Mined from huge rocks using any Pickaxe.
  • Sulphur: Found in Sulphur nodes in Antiquarian Realms underground.
  • T1, T2, T3 Essence: Found in Antiquarian, Astrolabe, Provisioner, Hunt, Gloom, Herbarium, and Ascended Realms respectively.
  • Water Spinach: Located near water.
  • Wood Bundle: Obtained by chopping down trees with any Axe.

Crafted Materials

  • Alchemical Ink: Crafted with Glass x1 + Refined Pigment x1 at Mortar Station.
  • Animal Fibre: Produced from Meat x2 at Tanning Station. Detailed guide.
  • Brass Ingot: Made with Copper Ore x2 + Zinc Ore x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Brick: Crafted from Stone Powder x2 at Masonry Bench.
  • Bronze Ingot: Made with Copper Ore x2 + Tin Ore x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Carved Stone: Produced from Stone Block x2 at Masonry Bench.
  • Charm Thread & Charm Twine: Crafted with Thread x1 and Twine x1 respectively at Spinning Wheel.
  • Chitinous Bone & Chitinous Hide: Made from Chitin x1 at Tanning Station.
  • Cloth: Crafted with Thread x2 at Spinning Wheel.
  • Durable Cloth: Made with Cloth x1 + Lining x1 at Spinning Wheel.
  • Etched Ingot: Crafted from Ingot x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Fabric: Made with Refined Fibre x2 at Spinning Wheel.
  • Felt: Crafted from Hide x2 at Tanning Station.
  • Fen Bass Oil: Produced from Fish (Fen Bass) x2 at Tanning Station.
  • Glass: Made with Raw Gem x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Gunpowder: Crafted with Sulphur x2 + Coal x2 at Masonry Bench.
  • Ingot: Made from Ore x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Leather: Crafted from Hide x2 at Tanning Station.
  • Lens: Made with Glass x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Lining: Crafted with Fabric x1 + Thread x3 at Spinning Wheel.
  • Lumber: Made from Wood Bundle x2 at Saw Table.
  • Molded Glass: Crafted with Glass x2 at Masonry Bench.
  • Paper & Pole: Made from Wood Bundle x2 and Lumber x2 respectively at Saw Table.
  • Polished Coral: Crafted with Coral x1 at Masonry Bench.
  • Precious Metal Etched Ingot: Made with precious metal Ingot x2 (e.g., Silver, Gold, Copper) at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Reclaimed Ingot & Reclaimed Lumber: Crafted with Refined Metal x2 and Lumber x1 respectively at Smelter and Saw Table.
  • Refined Fibre, Refined Flour, Refined Millet: Made with Fibre x6, Flour Grain x10, Millet Grain x10 respectively at Spinning Wheel and Mortar Station.
  • Refined Pigment: Crafted from coloring items like Berries x2.
  • Rough & Smooth Bauble: Made with Plant Fibre x1 + Stone Block x1 and Carved Stone x1 + Wire x1 respectively at Masonry Bench.
  • Seed: Crafted from any plant x5 at Mortar Station.
  • Shaft: Made with Ingot x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Spice: Crafted from Raw Spice x10 at Mortar Station.
  • Steel Ingot: Made with Iron Ore x2 + Coal x2 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.
  • Straps: Crafted from Hide x2 at Tanning Station.
  • Stone Powder: Made with Stone Block x2 at Masonry Bench.
  • Thread & Twine: Crafted with Fibre x2 and Plant Fibre x2 respectively at Spinning Wheel.
  • Weak Dark Seal: Crafted at a Simple Masonry Bench.
  • Weak Human Seal: Crafted at a Simple Masonry Bench.
  • Weak Nature Seal: Crafted at a Simple Masonry Bench.
  • Wick: Crafted at a Simple Spinning Wheel.
  • Water Bottle: Crafted at a Simple Alchemical Boiler.
  • Wire: Made with Ingot x1 at Blacksmith’s Hearth.

That wraps up our list of all resources in Nightingale, but we’ll keeping this updated over time as we discover more during our ongoing playthrough.