how to infuse weapons in nightingale

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In Nightingale, upgrading and enchanting your weapons is essential for surviving the challenges of the Fae Realms and accessing Sites of Power for powerful loot. This guide will walk you through the process of upgrading weapons in Nightingale, enchanting them with magical powers, and infusing them with additional buffs.

Upgrading Weapons in Nightingale

To upgrade your weapons in Nightingale, you will need to use the Upgrade Bench crafting station. The process of upgrading increases the rarity of your weapon, which in turn boosts its stats and gearscore. Here are the steps and materials required:

  1. Build an Upgrade Bench: Depending on the tier, you will need different materials:
    • Simple Upgrade Bench: Ingot x2, Lumber x4, Twine x3.
    • Refined Upgrade Bench: (we’ll update with this recipe)
    • Excellent Upgrade Bench: Etched Alloy Ingot x3, Gilded Lumber x4, Carved Stone x3.
  2. Collect Essences: Upgrading your weapon’s rarity requires Essences, which are found in different Realms or can be purchased from the Essence Trader. The required Essences are:
    • T1 Essence for Uncommon upgrades: Found in the Antiquarian, Astrolabe, and Provisioner Realms.
    • T2 Essence for Rare upgrades: Obtained in the Hunt, Gloom, and Herbarium Realms.
    • T3 Essence for Epic upgrades: Located in the Ascended Realm after discovering The Watch.
  3. Upgrade Your Weapon: Use the Upgrade Bench with the required Essences to increase your weapon’s rarity from Common to Uncommon, Rare, and finally, Epic. Each upgrade not only boosts the weapon’s stats but also adds infusion slots for further enhancements.

How to Apply Infusions & Enchant Weapons in Nightingale

weapon infusions in nightingale

In addition to upgrading, you can enchant your weapons with magical powers using the Enchanter’s Focus crafting station. Enchantments add bonus effects, while Charms and Infusions provide passive buffs. Here are the steps:

  1. Build an Enchanter’s Focus: Depending on the tier, you will need different materials:
    • Simple Enchanter’s Focus: Ingot x1, Lumber x2, Glass x5.
    • Refined Enchanter’s Focus: (Materials To Be Announced)
    • Excellent Enchanter’s Focus: (Materials To Be Announced)
  2. Apply Enchantments: Use the Enchanter’s Focus to add magical effects to your weapon, such as an area-of-effect ground slam.
  3. Add Charms and Infusions: Charms and Infusions can also be applied using the Enchanter’s Focus, providing additional passive buffs like increased health or resistance to elements and status effects.

By following these steps, you can upgrade, enchant, and infuse your weapons in Nightingale, making them more powerful and suited to your playstyle. Remember to keep an eye out for the materials required for each crafting station and the Essences needed for each upgrade and enchantment.