All keycard locations in Sons of the Forest 1.0

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Now that Sons of the Forest 1.0 has launched, if you’re circling back to playing it again like us, or even playing for the first time, you’ll need to know the three keycard locations. These unlock various secrets around the island, as well as useful items necessary for progression. For a handy reference, here we’re breaking down all keycard locations in Sons of the Forest 1.0.

All Sons of the Forest 1.0 Keycard Locations

You need to find keycards in Sons of the Forest to delve deeper into the game’s narrative and unlock intriguing areas. Each keycard serves as a gateway to restricted areas that are otherwise inaccessible, making them vital for progression and exploration.

The importance of keycards extends beyond just opening doors; they are intertwined with the game’s storyline. By gaining access to new locations, you’ll uncover hidden secrets, learn more about the island’s history, and unravel the mysteries surrounding its inhabitants.

Additionally, keycards are essential for acquiring advanced equipment, weapons, and resources. The areas they unlock often contain valuable items that can significantly enhance your chances of survival. For instance, finding the Maintenance Keycard not only allows access to new areas but also leads to the discovery of the Fireman’s axe, a powerful tool for combat and resource gathering.

How to get the Maintenance Keycard


North side of the island, in an underground bunker marked with a pulsating green circle on the GPS.

How to Get There

  • Find the flashlight south of the green marker.
  • Head to the dig site with broken-down golf carts and loose dirt in the middle.
  • Use the shovel to dig up the dirt and reveal a hatch door.
  • Climb down the ladder into a small room with supply crates.
  • Find the keycard on a desk next to a 3D Printer in a fully furnished apartment.

Additional Info

The keycard belongs to a maintenance man named Carl Planter. You can also find the Fireman’s axe in the storage room.

How to Get the VIP Keycard


Another underground bunker hidden inside a cave entrance near the northernmost green circle on the map.

How to Get There

  • Follow the cave to a hatch door labeled “Food and Dining.”
  • Navigate through a destroyed kitchen area to a locked door at the back.
  • Use the Maintenance Keycard to access a hydroponic garden room.
  • Continue past the garden rooms and swim through a flooded hallway.
  • Find the VIP Keycard in an office at the top of a staircase, sitting on a desk below security monitors.

Additional Info

The keycard belonged to Virginia Puffton. After obtaining it, you can unlock doors leading to a dining room with dead mutants and a small cutscene.

How to Get the Guest Keycard


Underground Recreational Center hidden within one of the caves.

How to Get There

  • Locate the entrance south of the maintenance dig site and east of the western beach.
  • Follow the cave to a room with a cot, supplies, and a 3D Printer.
  • Use the Maintenance Keycard to unlock doors leading to a workout area with a purple light.
  • Navigate through a spa area and ascend two large half-spiral staircases.
  • In the private clubroom on the second floor, find the Guest Keycard on the back right table with five corpses.

Additional Info

It’s worth noting you can also find a guitar as a melee weapon in the clubroom. Search the tables and storage room for cash and ammo before leaving.

So, there you have it: a detailed guide on all keycard locations in Sons of the Forest 1.0. The keycards unlock restricted locations which house all manner of narrative and item goodies, so they’re well worth tracking down. Before you venture out, you may want to craft some vital equipment, so check out our guide on all the crafting recipes we’ve found.