nintendo switch 2 leak

Image source: Nintendo

Switching launch expectations.

Although we’ve had no official word from Nintendo, rumors have been swirling of late that the console successor to Nintendo Switch has been delayed until 2025. Japanese publication, Nikkei, however, has offered more detail, claiming that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be coming in March 2025.

Nikkei goes on to suggest that the Switch’s successor will, unsurprisingly, retain many of the features of its predecessor. It will reportedly be a handheld with docking capabilities, feature a larger 6.2-inch screen, and be capable of playing games with a higher-definition image than its predecessor. Sadly, there’s no word on backwards compatibility yet.

Of course, none of this is surprising. In fact, it would be a shock if Nintendo diverged significantly from Switch’s template. What’s particularly interesting, however, is Nikkei’s suggestion for Nintendo delaying Switch 2 until March 2025. To quote Nikkei: ‘Many in the industry expected it to be released in 2024, but we prioritized taking measures to prevent resale and securing an initial stock of successor machines and an assortment of popular software at the time of release.’

We can only assume that when the Japanese publication says, “We prioritized,” they’re speaking for Nintendo. If so, it’s an interesting reason for such a delay. Given Switch’s continued impressive sales figures given the console is now seven years old, it’s not hard to imagine its successor will be incredibly popular. But Nintendo tend to be notoriously immune to resale issues. They repeatedly release games and limited consoles in smaller numbers, opening the door for scalpers. Such a justification seems at odds with Nintendo’s modus operandi. It’s far more likely that Nintendo need the extra time to ensure the Switch 2 has a strong launch line-up.

It’s also possible that the reported delayed launch is to address some technical deficiencies. If the rumors that Switch 2 lacks Deep Learning Accelerator (DLA) technology are true, that would be a major blow.

Only time will tell. But, given the rumors are picking up in intensity, it seems a safe bet we’ll hear from Nintendo soon. Stayed tuned to We Game Daily for more.