Best base starting locations in Nightingale

Image source: Inflexion Games via We Game Daily

Inflexion Games’ survival game Nightingale takes place on procedurally generated worlds, but you’ll want a solid base of operations before you head on your adventures through the Fae Wilds. Here, we detail some of the Nightingale best base starting locations, as well as tips and strategies to help get it set up.

Best Nightingale Base Starting Locations

When starting a new game in Nightingale, one of your first key decisions will be choosing where to build your base of operations. This base is often referred to as your home realm or your sanctuary. It’s the place where you’ll craft legendary weapons, store your resources, and plan your next moves. In the game, this is called the Abeyance Realm.

The Forest Biome

The forest biome is the easiest realm for building your first base, and is therefore the one we’d recommend. It’s brimming with resources like wood, stone, iron ore, and creatures that are relatively easy to defeat. The terrain, while mountainous, can be navigated with climbing picks or by switching to third-person mode.

Points of interest, such as Sites of Power, are easily accessible in the forest realm. These are critical for progression, offering realm cards, gear, and more. The forest realm also has mild weather, hail, which can be easily managed with an umbrella or simple shelter.

The Desert Biome

With its scarcity of wood and intense environmental conditions, the desert realm is more of a challenge than the forest. However, it’s rich in caves and mid to late-game resources. Building your base near water, trees, and rock formations is essential for easy access to resources and shade from the harsh sun.

We’d recommend the desert realm for more experienced players who are looking to progress quickly and access higher-value resources for crafting advanced gear.

The Swamp Biome

The swamp realm is the most challenging environment. It has poisonous water, aggressive creatures, and tricky terrain. While it offers some of the best resources for crafting high-tier gear, it’s not recommended for your first base due to the numerous challenges and slower pacing.

Building Your Base

Once you’ve chosen your biome, you’ll need to build your estate, which serves as your central hub. You can set this estate as your “respite,” allowing for quick travel back to this location from any realm. Keep in mind that you can only have one estate set as your respite at a time, so choose your location wisely.

Tips for Choosing Your Base Location

  • Centralize: Position your base centrally to the Sites of Power to minimize travel time after dying. These mini-dungeons provide adventurers with Major Realm cards as rewards. The Antiquarian Site of Power will be the first one you encounter.
  • Resource Access: Ensure your base is near essential resources like wood, stone, fiber, and water.
  • Terrain: Consider the terrain and weather conditions of the biome when choosing your base location.
  • Flexibility: You can build multiple estates, but only one can be set as your respite. Use this to your advantage when exploring new areas.
  • Prioritize being close to an Essence Trader: These vendors offer essential supplies, including important items for beginners. Since frequent visits to the trader are necessary, situating your base in the vicinity makes sense. Therefore, proceed with constructing an Estate Cairn nearby.

So, there you have it: some recommendations on the best base starting locations in Nightingale. We strongly recommend starting out in the relatively tame Forest realm and positioning your base in a central location near plenty of resources. If you need help unlocking the vital Realm Cards, our guide has you covered, and make sure you save properly to avoid potential progress lost.