season of discovery waylaid supplies

Image source: Blizzard Entertainment

Loot for cash.

In World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery there’s a new mechanic called Waylaid Supplies, which brings a unique twist to the game. It isn’t particularly well explained, though, so here we’ll be breaking down what they are, how to utilize use, where to find Supply Officers, and what rewards you can expect.

What Waylaid Supplies are in WoW Classic Season of Discovery

Waylaid Supplies are essentially a type of loot that players can obtain from defeated foes. However, these are not just ordinary loot items. They hold potential rewards that can be claimed by players, thereby adding a unique dimension to the gameplay.

Once a player possesses a Waylaid Supply, they can choose to turn in these supplies as is for a minor reward or opt to complete the shipment for a larger prize. Completing the shipment entails gathering or creating a specified amount of items mentioned on the Waylaid Supply.

Bear in mind that you can only carry one Waylaid Supply item at a time. This constraint adds a layer of strategy to the game, making players decide on the go whether to complete a shipment or turn it in as is.

All Waylaid Supplies

There’s a wide array of potential Waylaid Supplies in WoW Classic. Here’s a comprehensive list for your reference:

Waylaid Supplies ItemSource
Light LeatherDrop
Runed Copper PantsRattlecage Soldier – Tirisfal Glades
Handstitched Leather BeltsDrop
Brown Linen RobesDrop
Heavy Linen BandagesDrop
Minor Healing PotionsDrop
Healing PotionsDrop
Rough Copper BombsDrop
Lesser Mana PotionsDrop
Rough BoomsticksDrop
Medium LeatherDrop
Embossed Leather VestsDrop
Copper ShortswordsDrop
Brown Linen PantsDrop
Brilliant SmallfishDrop
Waylaid SuppliesDrop
Rough StoneDrop
Silver BarsDrop
Rough Bronze BootsDrop
Lesser Magic WandsDrop
Minor Wizard OilDrop
Waylaid SuppliesDrop
Silver Skeleton Keys: Waylaid SuppliesDrop
Dark Leather CloaksDrop
Heavy Wool BandagesDrop
Pearl-Clasped CloaksDrop
Goblin Deviled ClamsDrop
Minor Mana OilDrop
Small Bronze BombsDrop
Smoked SagefishDrop
Smoked Bear MeatDrop
Hillman’s ShouldersDrop
Ornate SpyglassesDrop
Gray Woolen ShirtsDrop
Elixir of FirepowerDrop

Finding Supply Officers in SoD

Supply Officers, stationed in all the major capitals, are the designated NPCs for turning in Waylaid Supplies. They play a crucial role in the Waylaid Supplies mechanics.

Horde Supply Officers Locations

For Horde players, here are the locations of the Supply Officers:

  1. Jornah, Supply Officer in Orgrimmar – Coordinates: 51.65, 63.94
  2. Gishah, Supply Officer in Undercity, upper ring – Coordinates: 64.57, 38.56
  3. Dokimi, Supply Officer in Thunder Bluff, lowest level – Coordinates: 39.53, 53.79

Alliance Supply Officers Locations

For Alliance players, here are the locations of the Supply Officers:

  1. Elaine Compton, Supply Officer in Stormwind – Coordinates: 54.67, 61.14
  2. Tamelyn Aldridge, Supply Officer in Ironforge – Coordinates: 25.4, 67.8
  3. Marcy Baker, Supply Officer in Darnassus – Coordinates: 60.0, 56.4

Waylaid Supplies Rewards

So what do you actually get for turning in your Waylaid Supplies? Well, it rather depends. The rewards for turning in scale as you level. So basically, don’t expect much initially. But while the money for turning in an empty box might not seem impressive at first, it can become substantially rewarding as you progress the supply chain and your character levels up.

Hopefully, this has provided a solid overview of the new mechanic. We’ll be writing more guides on WoW Classic as we progress through Season of Discovery. In the meantime, check out our Rune location guides for Rogues, Mages, and Paladins.