How to find an Elder Eoten Heart in Nightingale

Image source: Inflexion Games


To progress in Nightingale‘s main quest, you’ll need to acquire an Elder Eoten Heart. Tasked by Nellie Bly, you have to collect various items for the Portal Stabiliser Component, including the elusive heart of an Elder Eoten. These ancient creatures resemble living trees. Since they don’t have a fixed spawning location, they can be tricky to find. Here, we detail exactly where to find an Elder Eoten Heart in Nightingale.

Elder Eoten Heart Location in Nightingale

Elder Eotens can only be found in a Forest Hunt Realm, but their appearance is random. To increase your chances, you’ll need to open a Portal using the Forest Realm and the Hunt Major Card. There are three reliable methods to track down these elusive creatures:

  1. Look for an Offering Altar: Eotens, including the Elder variety, often set up Offering Altars near their resting spots. These altars are pedestals made of tree roots with flowers growing on them. If you spot one, an Eoten is likely nearby. Pay attention to your surroundings; if you see a boss health bar and a thick tree, you’re in luck. Offering something the Eoten likes at the Altar can also provoke a reaction.
  2. Use the Track Legend Enchantment: This specific enchantment can simplify the tracking process. It can be applied to tools like a Hunting Knife, Pickaxe, or Sickle. The enchantment can be purchased from the Desert Provisioner Essence Trader or crafted using a Moderate Human Seal, T1 Essence, and a Flower. Once activated, it reveals the nearest path to the closest Fabled or Apex creature, leading you directly to an Elder Eoten.
  3. Explore Forest Hunt Until Elder Eoten’s Health Bar Appears: Another method is to simply explore the Forest Hunt Realm until the Elder Eoten’s health bar appears on your screen. The health bar of an Apex creature will always pop up when you’re near, serving as an indicator of the Elder Eoten’s presence. Using a Spyglass can also help by revealing the names and levels of bosses in the vicinity.

Alternative Approaches

If you’re still struggling to find an Elder Eoten, consider resetting the Portal or your game. This action can force the game to respawn NPCs and creatures on the map. If you’re lucky, this may bring an Elder Eoten into your realm.

So, there you have it: a guide on where to find an Elder Eoten Heart in Nightingale. These ancient, imposing creatures can be difficult to track down but, by following our tips, you should find one before too long. Keep an eye out for a boss health bar appearing in the Forest Hunt Ream. And if you’re having trouble finding resources in Nightingale, check out our guide on all material locations.