Is FF7 Rebirth censored?

Image source: Square Enix via We Game Daily

Meddlesome Moogles.

With the release of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, the thorny topic of censorship has once again reared its ugely head. The Final Fantasy series has a history of censorship issues in the past, and now the debate has resurfaced. Has Square Enix has made compromises to comply with various regional regulations? Here, we answer the question, Is FF7 Rebirth censored?

FF7 Rebirth Censorship, Explained

After the day-one update of FF7 Rebirth, eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed subtle changes in the game. Notably, Tifa’s swimsuit and flashback outfit were toned down. Some were indifferent to the alterations, while others expressed frustration over the lack of transparency from Square Enix, as these changes were not announced beforehand. The pre-release footage didn’t give us any hints that these changes would be made.

The Reason Behind the Changes

Although Square Enix has not officially commented on the matter, it’s likely that the censorship was implemented to comply with gaming laws in certain markets. With the goal of maximizing sales, developers of large-scale games like FF7 Rebirth must navigate a complex landscape of regulations. This often results in modifications to content to ensure a game is acceptable across various regions.

Community Reaction and Future Possibilities

The censorship debate has split the FF7 Rebirth fanbase. Some players insist they’re considering refunding the game due to the perceived lack of transparency and unwanted changes. Others, us included, choose to ignore such changes and focus on all the positives the game has to offer.

As discussions continue, there is a possibility that Square Enix may revert the changes in regions with more lenient regulations, such as the United States, Oceania, and Europe. However, until an official statement is made, the future of these censorship decisions remains uncertain.

So, there you have it: an answer to the question, ‘Is FF7 Rebirth censored?’ While there are some minor censorship elements, the impact on the overall gaming experience is minimal. The situation highlights the delicate balance developers must strike between artistic vision and compliance with international regulations. As the conversation unfolds, it will be interesting to see how Square Enix addresses the concerns of its diverse fanbase.