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Get your rewards!

Among the various in-game events in Blox Fruits, the Christmas event stands out with cool rewards like rare fruits, candies, and Christmas-themed goodies. To maximize your rewards during this festive event, it’s you’ll need to know the location of the Green Circle, as it plays a pivotal role in obtaining these goodies. In this guide, we’ll explain where to find the Green Circle in Blox Fruits and how to make the most of it.

The Green Circle in Blox Fruits is a vital element during special events like the Christmas event. It marks the spawn location of a large present, and standing within it allows players to collect presents containing rare fruits and other festive items. The Green Circle is a dynamic part of the game, appearing on different event islands across all sea levels, including the First Sea, the Second Sea, and the Third Sea.

Where the Green Circle in Blox Fruits Is

Finding the Green Circle in Blox Fruits is essential to take full advantage of the Christmas event.

Blox Fruits features three sea levels: the First Sea, the Second Sea, and the Third Sea. Your current sea level will determine where you need to go to find the Green Circle. Depending on your sea level, head to the corresponding event island where the Green Circle is located. You can refer to the event island locations provided by the game.

Once you arrive on the event island, keep an eye out for the unmistakable Green Circle. It’s usually positioned in a central area of the island.

Position your character inside the Green Circle. This is crucial as you must be within the circle when the presents drop.

Collecting Presents

The Green Circle serves as the epicenter for collecting presents during the Christmas event. It operates on a timer, and presents drop at specific intervals, typically every 10 minutes. Be patient and wait for the countdown timer to reach zero.

When the timer reaches zero, presents will drop from the sky. Ensure that you’re standing inside the Green Circle when this happens to collect the dropped presents.

Other Ways to Obtain Fruits in Blox Fruits

While the Green Circle in Blox Fruits is a fantastic way to get free fruits and goodies during special events, there are additional methods to obtain fruits in the game:

  1. Random Drops: Fruits can also be obtained as random drops from defeated enemies. Engage in battles and defeat enemies to increase your chances of receiving fruit drops.
  2. Defeat Enemies: Engaging in battles and defeating NPCs can also reward you with fruit drops.
  3. Explore Islands: Fruits can be found while exploring various islands within the game. They are often scattered across the islands, so make sure to explore different locations.
  4. Quests and Challenges: Completing in-game quests and challenges can also yield fruit rewards. These quests may involve tasks such as defeating enemies or completing specific objectives.

That wraps up our guide. Don’t forget to explore other methods of obtaining fruits in Blox Fruits. You can check out our list of all Devil Fruit spawn locations in the first sea here.