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Whatchu cookin'?

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a key part of the game. You need to unleash your inner chef to earn Dreamlight, make friends, and maintain your stamina. But with over 190 recipes to discover, keeping track of each one can be a daunting task. Here, we provide insights into all Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes, including the ingredients required and the cooking process.

How to Cook in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking in Disney Dreamlight Valley is as simple as gathering the necessary ingredients and finding a stove. You can find stoves in various locations, including your house, Remy’s restaurant, and characters’ houses. To cook a dish, drag and drop the ingredients from your inventory into the pot. The fuel, usually coal, is added automatically.

From appetizers to desserts, there are numerous recipes to explore and master. Once you create a recipe, it automatically saves to your in-game cookbook, making future cooking endeavors easier.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipes

Recipe Star Ratings

The star rating of a recipe depends on the number of ingredients it uses. A three-star recipe uses three ingredients, a four-star recipe uses four, and a five-star recipe uses five. However, adding extra ingredients to a recipe doesn’t increase its star rating. The star rating only considers the official ingredients in a recipe.

Ingredient Categories

The game uses broad categories for ingredients, making it flexible for players to experiment with different combinations. Here are some categories you’ll encounter:

  • Vegetables: Include produce like potatoes, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Fruits: Cover apples, bananas, and other fruits.
  • Grain: Encompasses rice and wheat.
  • Dairy & Oil: Includes butter, cheese, milk, and others.
  • Fish: All types of fish fall into this category.
  • Seafood: Includes shellfish like shrimp, crab, and lobster.
  • Spices: Consists of items such as basil, garlic, and ginger.
  • Sweets: Includes cocoa bean, sugarcane, and vanilla.

Cooking Ingredient Categories

It’s worth noting that the ingredient categories in the Collection screen when you pause the game differ from the categories when you’re cooking. Here’s a quick guide to each of the nine cooking categories and the ingredients that fall under each one:

  • Vegetables: This category includes a variety of vegetables such as asparagus, bell pepper, carrot, corn, cucumber, eggplant, leek, lettuce, mushroom, okra, onion, potato, pumpkin, seaweed, spinach, tomato, and zucchini.
  • Fruits: Fruits include apple, banana, blueberry, cherry, coconut, gooseberry, lemon, and raspberry.
  • Grains: This category covers rice and wheat.
  • Dairy & Oil: This section includes butter, canola, cheese, egg, fish, milk, peanut, and soya.
  • Fish: This category features different types of fish, including anglerfish, bass, bream, carp, catfish, cod, fugu, herring, kingfish, lancetfish, perch, pike, rainbow trout, salmon, sole, swordfish, tilapia, tuna, walleye, and white sturgeon.
  • Seafood: This category includes clam, crab, lobster, oyster, scallop, shrimp, and squid.
  • Spices: This category includes basil, garlic, ginger, mint, and oregano.
  • Sweets: This category includes cocoa bean, sugarcane, and vanilla.

Below you’ll find an exhaustive list of all the recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley, divided by their star ratings. We’ve also listed all the recipes in the new Valley Eternal Isle DLC as well underneath.

Five-Star Recipes

Five-Star Appetizers

  • Arendellian Pickled Herring: For this recipe, you’ll need herring, garlic, lemon, onion, and any spice.
  • Large Seafood Platter: This recipe requires four of any shellfish and lemon.
  • Potato Leek Soup: To make this, you’ll need a potato, leek, milk, garlic, and onion.

Five-Star Entrees

  • Bouillabaisse: This dish requires shrimp, any two shellfish, tomato, and any vegetable.
  • Fish Creole: You’ll need any fish, any vegetable, tomato, garlic, and rice for this recipe.
  • Greek Pizza: This pizza requires cheese, onion, tomato, wheat, and any spice.

Five-Star Desserts

  • Aurora’s Cake: This recipe requires eggs, milk, raspberry, sugarcane, and wheat.
  • Banana Split: To make this, you’ll need a banana, milk, sugarcane, slush ice, and any sweet.
  • Wedding Cake: For this cake, you’ll need butter, eggs, sugarcane, vanilla, and wheat.

Four-Star Recipes

Four-Star Appetizers

  • Bunuelos: This recipe requires cheese, egg, wheat, and milk.
  • Creamy Soup: You’ll need a potato, any vegetable, milk, and any spice for this soup.

Four-Star Entrees

  • Basil Omelet: This recipe requires basil, cheese, eggs, and milk.
  • Chowder: To make this, you’ll need any shellfish, any vegetable, milk, and a potato.
  • Fish Pasta: This pasta needs any fish, garlic, milk, and wheat.

Four-Star Desserts

  • Banana Ice Cream: You’ll need a banana, milk, slush ice, and sugarcane to make this dessert.
  • Beignets: This recipe calls for canola, eggs, sugarcane, and wheat.
  • Carrot Cake: To bake this cake, you’ll need a carrot, eggs, sugarcane, and wheat.

Three-Star Recipes

Three-Star Appetizers

  • Bell Pepper Puffs: For this recipe, you’ll need a bell pepper, egg, and cheese.
  • Grilled Veggie Platter: This dish requires three of any vegetable.
  • Porridge: To make this, you’ll need milk and wheat.

Three-Star Entrees

  • Apple Cider Glazed Salmon: This recipe requires an apple, salmon, and sugarcane.
  • Carp Salad: You’ll need a carp, lettuce, and lemon for this salad.
  • Fish Salad: This dish requires any fish, lemon, and lettuce.

Three-Star Desserts

  • Apple Pie: For this pie, you’ll need an apple, butter, and wheat.
  • Biscuits: This recipe calls for butter, sugarcane, and wheat.
  • Coconut Boba Tea: You’ll need coconut, milk, and sugarcane to make this tea.

Two-Star Recipes

Two-Star Appetizers

  • French Fries: This recipe requires canola and a potato.
  • Pasta: To make this, you’ll need wheat and a tomato.
  • Vegetable Soup: This soup requires two of any vegetable.

Two-Star Entrees

  • Baked Carp: For this recipe, you’ll need a carp and butter.
  • Fish Sandwiches: This sandwich requires any fish and wheat.
  • Sushi: This dish needs any fish (except salmon) and rice.

Two-Star Desserts

  • Boba Tea: This tea calls for milk and sugar.
  • Latte: To make this, you’ll need coffee beans and milk.
  • Sweet Slush: This dessert requires slush ice and any sweet (except sugarcane).

One-Star Recipes

One-Star Appetizers

  • Cheese Platter: This dish simply requires cheese.
  • Grilled Vegetables: This recipe calls for any vegetable.
  • Salad: To make this, you’ll need lettuce.

One-Star Entrees

  • Grilled Fish: This dish requires any fish.
  • Hors d’Oeuvres: This recipe calls for any spice.

One-Star Desserts

  • Candy: This dessert requires any sweet.
  • Coffee: This recipe calls for coffee beans.
  • Fruit Salad: This dish requires any fruit.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Eternity Isle recipes


  • Arepas Con Queso – cheese, agave, corn
  • Baozi – wheat, soya, pork, spice
  • Barbecued Brilliant Blue Starfish – brilliant blue starfish, mint
  • Barbecued Pretty Pink Starfish – pretty pink starfish, paprika
  • Bulgur Salad – wheat, tomato, mint, spice, cucumber
  • Clam Juice – tomato, clam
  • Coleslaw – carrot, cabbage
  • Conch Ceviche – onion, tomato, lemon, sea snail
  • Crab Melts – crab, cheese
  • Dumplings – wheat, vegetable, meat, soya
  • Falafel – beans, garlic, cumin
  • Nuts & Bolts – almonds, robot fish
  • Roasted Almonds – agave, almonds
  • Royal Ice Tea – majestea, slush ice
  • Royal Latte – majestea, milk
  • Royal Tea – majestea
  • Sand Worm Carpaccio Plate – melon, sand worm
  • Shad Ceviche – shad, tomato, onion, lemon
  • Spicy Scorpion Skewer – scorpion, paprika
  • Takoyaki Stick – seaweed, octopus, egg, soya
  • Thousand Needles – brilliant blue starfish, pretty pink starfish, cactoberries
  • Tomato Basil Soup – tomato, basil
  • Vegetarian Dumplings – soya, wheat, vegetable


  • Ajiaco – potato, corn, poultry
  • Baked Beans – beans, pork
  • Best Fish Forever – robot fish, celery, cumin, sea snail
  • Biryani – poultry, rice, cumin, mint, cinnamon
  • Blend of the Bayou – rice, celery, prisma shrimp, butter, spice
  • Bony Osso Buco – skeleton fish, celery, grapes, vegetable
  • Braised Abalone – oyster, sea snail, garlic, mushroom
  • Braised Bamboo Shoots – bamboo, soya, ginger, canola
  • Brandade de Morue – milk, potato, lemon, garlic
  • Burrito – wheat, beans, cumin, meat
  • Butter Chicken – poultry, butter, tomato, lemon, cumin
  • Cheeseburger – venison, wheat, cheese, vegetable
  • Chicken Souvlaki – poultry, lemon, paprika, mint
  • Club Sandwich – pork, wheat, tomato, poultry
  • Coq en Barbouille – poultry, onion, grapes, vegetable
  • Cream Cheese Bagel – wheat, cheese, sweet
  • Crimson Burger – wheat, vegetable, ruby lentils
  • Dragon Roll Maki – electric eel, rice, seaweed, vegetable
  • Fabulous Fajitas – poultry, vegetable, vegetable, wheat, cumin
  • Good Old Fashioned Burger – venison, wheat, lettuce
  • Hamburger Steak – venison, vegetable, potato, beans
  • Hawaiian Pizza – pork, wheat, tomato, pineapple, cheese
  • Jerk Chicken – poultry, onion, spice, garlic
  • Latkes – onion, potato, canola, egg
  • Linguine Pesto – wheat, butter, oregano, garlic
  • Lo-Fries – flute root, canola, yam
  • Maccheroni & Cheese – cheese, wheat
  • Meat Pie – meat, butter, wheat
  • Meaty Taco – venison, corn, vegetable, cumin, chili pepper
  • Milky Way Stew – rainbow trout, turnip, milk, cosmic figs
  • Moqueca de Pirarucu – pirarucu, coconut, vegetable, vegetable
  • Nachos – chili pepper, cheese, corn
  • Pasta and Herbs – wheat, butter, spice
  • Piquant Piranha Soup – piranha, chili pepper, bamboo
  • Poutine – potato, cheese, canola
  • Pulled Pork – pork, onion, oregano, tomato
  • Pupusas Revueltas – poultry, corn, beans
  • Rainbouillabaisse – prisma shrimp, rainbow trout, seafood, vegetable, tomato
  • Ramen – wheat, pork, egg
  • Rhapsody Roll – rice, flute root, seaweed, vegetable
  • Roast Meal – meat
  • Royal Burger – pork, venison, vegetable, wheat, cheese
  • Ruby Masoor Dal – tomato, chili pepper, ruby lentils
  • Sand Stew – dunebopper, sand fish, vegetable, sand worm, spice
  • Sausage and Sauerkraut Platter – pork, cabbage, potato
  • Schnitzel – poultry, wheat, canola
  • Sesame Seed Bagel – wheat, sweet
  • Shawarma – venison, cinnamon, garlic, rice, lemon
  • Shish Taouk – poultry, rice, lemon, oregano, garlic
  • Sweet and Sour Stir-Fry – poultry, dreamango, pineapple, canola, broccoli
  • Tandoori Chicken – poultry, chili pepper, cumin, paprika
  • Tofu – soya
  • Tourtiére – venison, wheat, potato, vegetable
  • Turkey Leg – poultry, cumin, agave, paprika
  • Turnip Tartiflette – pork, cheese, turnip
  • Vegetarian Turnip Tartiflette – mushroom, turnip, soya
  • Yakisoba – pork, wheat, cabbage


  • Apple Sauce – apple, cinnamon
  • Basil Berry Salad – blueberry, strawberry, basil
  • Cannoli – wheat, egg, vanilla, cheese
  • Caramel Macarons – almonds, egg, agave
  • Charlotte Cake – wheat, agave, strawberry
  • Chocolate Macarons – almonds, egg, cocoa bean
  • Cinnamon Donut – cinnamon, wheat, egg, sweet
  • Cotton Candy – sugarcane, agave
  • Croissant – wheat, butter
  • Cupcakes – wheat, egg, cherry, agave
  • Danish – butter, wheat, fruit, fruit
  • Dreamango Boba Tea – milk, dreamango, sugarcane
  • French Macarons – almonds, egg
  • Fruit Milkshake – slush ice, milk, fruit
  • Glazed Donut – wheat, egg, sweet
  • Gourmet Grubs – sea snail, sand worm, scorpion
  • Jam Macarons – almonds, egg, fruit
  • Kanelbulle – wheat, egg, butter, cinnamon
  • Kouign-Amann – wheat, butter, butter, agave
  • Maamouls – wheat, almonds, dates
  • Makrout – wheat, canola, cinnamon, dates
  • Melon Boba Tea – milk, melon, sugarcane
  • Mooncake – wheat, beans, canola, agave
  • Nestling Crepe – wheat, egg, milk, nestling pear
  • Pastéis de Nata – corn, vanilla, egg, milk
  • Pear Upside-Down Cake – nestling pear, egg, wheat
  • Pineapple Soft Serve – slush ice, pineapple
  • Popcorn – corn, canola
  • Raspberry Jam Sandwich – wheat, raspberry
  • Red Velvet – wheat, vanilla, egg, cheese, cocoa bean
  • Spicy Macarons – almonds, egg, chili pepper
  • Spiky Berry Pie – cactoberries, wheat, butter, strawberry, spice
  • Stellar Milkshake – slush ice, milk, cosmic figs
  • Strawberry Pie – wheat, butter, strawberry
  • Strawberry Shortcake – wheat, egg, strawberry
  • Stuffed Dates – almonds, dates
  • Sugar-Free Banana Muffin – wheat, banana
  • Sugar-Free Blueberry Muffin – wheat, blueberry
  • Sugar-Free Fruit Explosion Muffin – wheat, fruit, fruit, agave
  • Sugar-Free Fruit Muffin – wheat, fruit
  • Sweet Popcorn – corn, canola, agave
  • Sweet Tofu – soya, fruit
  • Taiyaki – sand fish, beans
  • Vanilla Macarons – almonds, egg, vanilla

With this extensive list of all Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes, you’re ready to take on any culinary challenge that takes your fancy. Remember, the key to success in the game is to experiment with different ingredients and discover new recipes. Happy cooking, and may your journey through the magical world of Dreamlight Valley be filled with delicious discoveries. There are always new adventures to be had.