how to get monopoly go gold cards (gold stickers)

Image source: Scopely

The golden goose! I mean, card... wait, sticker.

In Monopoly GO, gold cards (or gold stickers) are coveted for their rarity. They are critical in completing sticker albums, which can unlock exciting rewards like dice rolls and tokens. The more albums you complete, the more rewards you can claim, escalating your progress through the game. Annoyingly, securing these gold cards can often seem like a game of chance. But there is some method to the madness; this guide is designed to provide some strategic insights to increase your odds of getting gold stickers in Monopoly GO.

How to Get Gold Cards in Monopoly GO

So we’ve mentioned luck a fair few times here. But while luck plays a significant role in acquiring gold cards, there are strategic ways to increase your odds.

Maximize your Sticker Packs

Different colored sticker packs are available in Monopoly GO. The lower rarity cards can be found in the green sticker packs. However, if you’re aiming for the golden stickers, you should focus on the blue, purple, and premium purple sticker packs. The more packs you accumulate, the higher your chances of finding gold cards.

Participate in Game Events For Gold Stickers

Monopoly GO regularly hosts events and tournaments, providing opportunities to win sticker packs that may contain gold cards. Performing well in these events is the key to significantly increasing your chances of securing these rare treasures. Placing in the top three of these tournaments is one way to maximize your chance of a gold sticker.

Quick Wins to Get Gold Cards

Monopoly GO features ‘Quick Wins’ – straightforward tasks that, when completed, can reward you with gold stickers. These tasks could involve rolling the dice a certain number of times or landing on specific tiles. Rack up Quick Wins victories and you’ll get a gold card in no time.

Can You Trade Gold Stickers in Monopoly GO? Answered

No, gold cards cannot be traded — which is precisely why they’re so rare. There’s one exception, though, which we’ll address down below.

Before then, keep in mind that trading still technically plays a role in getting gold stickers. That’s because while you cannot trade gold cards/stickers, you can exchange lower-rarity cards with your friends. This trading feature can be a vital strategy in completing your sticker albums and unlocking more rewards, and in turn building your chances of getting future gold stickers.

To trade a card, navigate to the ‘Album’ menu, tap on the extra stickers, and select ‘Send.’ You can then choose a friend to share the sticker with. Remember, you need to connect your game profile to Facebook to send stickers.

While trading can be a strategic move, it’s worth noting its limitations. There’s a daily trading limit of five stickers. Again, gold cards cannot be traded, even if you have duplicates.

Special Events to Trade Gold Stickers

Ok, so remember when we said you can’t trade for gold cards? Well, there’s an exception; Monopoly GO occasionally hosts a special event called ‘The Golden Blitz.’ This event allows players to trade specific gold cards predetermined by the game’s developers, Scopely. This event is typically available for 24 hours and can be a golden opportunity to boost your collection of coveted gold cards.

That about wraps up it up. Just in case we haven’t made it obvious enough, while these strategies can increase your chances of acquiring gold cards, even with numerous sticker packs and active participation in events, securing gold cards still largely depends on luck. Remember that getting more sticker packs does not guarantee more gold cards.

Even if you manage to secure a gold card, there’s a high chance it could be a duplicate. This can be frustrating considering the high drop rates for gold cards.

Despite in-game pop-ups suggesting otherwise, duplicate gold cards cannot be traded with other players. This can lead to an accumulation of duplicate gold stickers, which currently cannot be exchanged for in-game currency or dice. Boo!