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All the juiciest spots.

If you’re an anime fan and love One Piece then Blox Fruits is likely to be a favorite Roblox game. As you’ll already know, becoming either a legendary pirate or marine means powering yourself up with various fruits. The most sought-after are the Devil Fruits, unique items that offer powerful abilities. Finding them is all part of the challenge, but if you need a handy reference then here we’ll detail check out all the Blox Fruits fruit spawn locations in the First Sea. We’ll also break down what Devil / Demon Fruits are.

All First Sea Fruit Spawn Locations in Blox Fruits

Ice village in Blox Fruits
Image source: Roblox Corp

Multiple locations in the First Sea serve as potential spawn points for the Devil Fruits. Here’s a detailed list of these locations:

  1. Marine Starting Island: Look under the tree behind the base.
  2. Pirate Start Island: Check under the trees near the pier.
  3. Frozen Village: Near the pier, under a tree, is a possible spawn point.
  4. Pirate Village: Several spawn locations exist on the side of the island opposite to the pier.
  5. Jungle Island: The central trees of the islands are potential spawn points.
  6. Middle Town: Behind the city, where two trees grow.
  7. Colosseum Island: Check under the trees on either side of the Colosseum.
  8. Marine Fortress: Look for a spawn near the Advanced Weapon Dealer NPC and near the entrance to the central tower.
  9. Desert Island: Check around every cactus on the island.
  10. Prison Island: On the left side of the main building.
  11. Magma Village: Under a tree at the base of the volcano.
  12. Fountain City: The trees near the Set Home Point NPC and the gear area are potential spots. This is the spot we think is the best Devil Fruit spawn location in the first sea.
  13. Upper Skylands: Behind the house next to the golden bell and under a tree on a nearby island.
  14. Skylands: Look under a tree on the side of town and near a church-like building.
  15. Island under Skylands: Check under the palm trees.

Keep in mind that finding these fruits requires patience, persistence, and a keen eye for detail.

What Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits (& How Often They Spawn)

Presumably, if you’re reading this guide then you’re already familiar with Blox Fruits and what Devil Fruits actually do. Still, even a master can learn new tricks, right? Let’s recap what these items do and why you need to focus on them.

There are lots of different fruits in Blox Fruits, but Devil Devil Fruits (or Demon Fruits) are the most useful. With over 30 distinct fruits and unique move sets, they’re the fastest was to leveling up and becoming more powerful. If you’re interested in trading values for fruits, as well as our unique tier list, we have you covered.

Devil Fruits in Blox Fruits spawn every hour. However, if these are not picked up within 20 minutes, they despawn. During weekends, the spawn time reduces to every 45 minutes. Notably, these fruits can appear anywhere in the game, making their discovery a somewhat challenging task.

Given the randomness of the fruit spawns, it’s worth investing in the Fruit Notifier Game Pass. Priced at 2,700 Robux, this pass notifies players each time a fruit spawns and the exact distance to it. This tool can prove invaluable in quickly scouring all possible spawn locations and securing a free fruit. A Fruit Portal, if available, can also assist in this quest.

So there you have it. Mastering the art of finding Devil Fruits is the name of the game in Blox Fruits, so hopefully, this guide serves as a handy reference to help you out.