the wanderlust is the biggest ship in Starfield

Image source: Bethesda

Quite the capacity.

Exploration and space travel is obviously a huge part of Starfield, and there’s a huge amount of loot and cargo to stow as you do so. Of course, the weight of these accumulated possessions can impede your progress and slow you down. So, you’ll want to know what the biggest ship in Starfield is, then. That way, you can carry the maximum amount as you jump from one star system to the next.

Starfield’s Largest Ships

Among the formidable vessels that navigate the expanse of Starfield are the Wanderlust, Roanoke, Star Eagle, Pik Up, Wagontrain, Spacetruk, Dragonfire, Conquerer, Silent Runner, and Star Semi. Among these contenders, the Wanderlust stands as the largest vessel in terms of sheer size within Starfield.

Still, it is worth noting that there exist ships with either superior crew capacity or cargo capacity compared to the Wanderlust.

Starfield Wanderlust Features

  • Purchase Location: Wanderlust in Starfield is available for acquisition at The Eleos Retreat.
  • Ship Specifications: Cargo Capacity – 2375, Fuel Capacity – 400, Crew Capacity – 4, Hull Strength – 1228, Shield Strength – 610
  • Price: 165,125

Which Ship Holds the Most Cargo Capacity?

If your quest in Starfield pertains to acquiring the largest ship primarily in terms of cargo-holding capabilities, then the Silent Runner emerges as the vessel of choice. With this formidable craft at your disposal, you can traverse the cosmos, engage space pirates, and hoard your treasures without restraint. The Silent Runner’s substantial cargo capacity ensures you have ample room to safeguard your valuable cargo.

Starfield Silent Runner Features

  • Purchase Location: Silent Runner can be procured at Hopetown (Hopetech HQ) in Starfield.
  • Ship Specifications: Cargo Capacity – 6080, Fuel Capacity – 30, Crew Capacity – 5, Hull Strength – 1164, Shield Strength – 975
  • Price: 390,150


Best Shipyards in Starfield to Buy & Sell Ships

As you embark on your interstellar journey through Starfield, the choice of your vessel becomes paramount. Whether you opt for the colossal Wanderlust or the cargo-centric Silent Runner, your selection should align with your goals and aspirations in this expansive universe. Prepare to immerse yourself in the grand cosmos when Starfield launches on September 6 for PC and Xbox.