best shipyards in starfield

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Worth a visit.

Despite the captivating narrative and myriad side activities in the game, shipbuilding stands as a cornerstone mechanic in Starfield. By embarking on quests and navigating the vast expanse of celestial locales, players can amass valuable Credits and a plethora of distinct modules to enhance their interstellar vessels or even buy a new one. But what are the best shipyards in Starfield? Here we’ll explain where to go to buy and sell vessels, as well as locate the best modules.

Best Starfield Shipyards for Modules

Judging solely by the quality of modules and offerings available from the Ship Services Technician, Deimos Staryard is the one you’ll want to visit. We have a dedicated guide on how to get there here.

Other top staryards include those at Akila City and Neon. These offer quality ship modules and a pretty decent selection of snazzy ships. Akila City is in the Cheyenne System, and Neon is over in the Volii System.

For rarer parts and ships, The Den in the Wolf System are also worth visiting. You can also take advantage of an extensive catalog of contraband items, including Scan Jammers. While this particular Shipyard may pose a certain degree of danger, it’s a go-to if you’re role-playing a pirate built or similar.

Best Shipyards in Starfield, Listed

  • New Atlantis: Jemison/Alpha Centauri System
  • The Den: The Den/Wolf System
  • The Key: The Key Space Station / Kryx System
  • Akila City: Akila / Cheyenne System
  • Hopetown: Polvo/Valo System
  • Neon: Volii Alpha / Volii System
  • Deimos Staryard: Deimos/Sol System
  • Cydonia: Mars/Sol System
  • New Homestead: Titan/Sol System
  • Paradiso: Porrima II / Porrima System
  • The Red Mile: Porrima III / Porrima System

The best Shipyards list presented above is by no means exhaustive. What one player deems as the best may differ considerably from another’s perspective. Nearly every Ship Services Technician in Starfield‘s myriad Shipyards maintains a unique inventory of items.


How to Store Items in Your Ship in Starfield

Therefore, it is strongly advised to explore the offerings of each Ship Services Technician diligently. This way, you can identify and procure the components that best align with your individual preferences and playstyle within the boundless universe of Starfield.

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, having launched for all players on Sept. 6.