governor hurst in red tape turnaround starfield

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Decisions, decisions.

In Starfield, players are confronted with a multitude of pivotal decisions that can significantly impact their journey. For those playing the Red Tape Runaround mission, one choice in particular presents itself as a bit of a head-scratcher: should you destroy Governor Hurst’s ship or turn in the evidence in Starfield? Here we’ll explain the consequences of both actions, enabling players to make an informed decision.

Destroy Governor Hurst’s Ship or Turn in the Evidence Explained

When you approach Governor Hurst in pursuit of the shipment destined for Peter Brennan, he will explain that his ship has fallen into the hands of the Crimson Fleet pirates. His preferred solution is their elimination and the destruction of his ship in the process. Hurst claims this merely simplifies things, but there’s more to it than that.

Upon reaching Governor Hurst’s vessel, you possess the option to hail the pirates aboard, facilitating potential docking and access to the ship. The leader of the pirates may make demands for specific ship components and your own vessel as part of their escape plan. If you effectively persuade from hostile actions, you can procure a letter authored by Hurst, directing the pirates to commandeer the ship and execute its destruction on his behalf.

Blackmail Hurst or Hand Over the Evidence in Starfield

The subsequent course of action you choose to pursue in relation to the pirates is up to you. Descending further into the ship, you will encounter an item referred to as “This Is It.” This artifact contains a message from the dead woman with whom Hurst was engaged in an affair. Governor Hurst’s intention was to orchestrate a cover-up, with the objective of deleting the incident from records for the sake of an insurance claim. Not such a “man of the people” after all, huh?

Players can opt to turn the evidence in to Woodward, a move that results in the removal of Governor Hurst from office. This decision yields substantial rewards:

  • 5,000 credits
  • Freedom for Peter’s package

Alternatively, players may choose to confront Governor Hurst directly and present him with the evidence. In response, Governor Hurst may offer a substantial bribe to keep the evidence hidden, thereby ensuring no one else sees it. This results in its own set of rewards:

  • 12,000 credits
  • Freedom for Peter’s package

It is vital to bear in mind that while this decision may not have a major influence on the overarching narrative of Starfield, your companions’ like/dislike of you is impacted. Hence, players should exercise caution when selecting their companions for this mission or consider proceeding solo if they seek a more lucrative outcome following the destruction of Governor Hurst’s ship.


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So, there you have it. Obviously, the choice between destroying Governor Hurst’s ship or turning in the evidence in Starfield ultimately comes down to personal preference. Weigh the potential rewards, and then consider the moral implications related to your role-playing preference.

Starfield is now available for PC and Xbox Series X|S, beckoning intrepid spacefarers to embark on their own unique journeys through the cosmos.