FF16 main character wallpaper

Image source: Square Enix

Hit the ceiling.

Final Fantasy 16 introduces a vast open world for exploration, brimming with thrilling challenges awaiting our new protagonist, Clive. These challenges vary in difficulty, with certain ones requiring higher levels. If you’re curious, here’s what the max level cap is in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16 Max Level Cap Explained

In your initial playthrough of Final Fantasy 16, you can raise Clive’s level to a maximum of 50. This aligns with the leveling progression in the main campaign, as the final boss of the game is also Level 50. Thus, you needn’t worry about feeling underpowered at any point during your initial experience.

New Game Plus Level Cap

New Game Plus is an immensely popular feature in the Final Fantasy series, enhancing the replayability of games while proving especially useful for the notoriously challenging endgame content found in many Final Fantasy titles. Once you complete the FF16 story for the first time and wish to continue the adventure with all your acquired stats preserved, you can embark on a New Game Plus. This mode is also referred to as “Final Fantasy” mode.

In New Game Plus, the maximum level cap for Clive increases twofold. You can reach Level 100, rendering you virtually invincible against any and all obstacles the game throws your way. None of the Eikons will pose a threat to you, that’s for certain.


Do You Need to Play Other Final Fantasy Games Before 16?

Completing the game in New Game Plus or Final Fantasy mode will unlock the game’s difficulty trophy.

That wraps up our max level cap in Final Fantasy 16. We hope this information aids you in your new adventures with Clive. Feel free to share your favorite aspects of the game thus far.