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If you’re wanting to master your skills in Square Enix’s latest action game, Arcade Mode is where it’s at. It not only allows you to refine your abilities but also provides an opportunity to challenge your friends and climb the ranks on the online leaderboards. Here’s how to unlock and play Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16.

Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16

Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16 offers players a distinct experience separate from the game’s main storyline, where they can test their skills and face unique challenges. It serves as an ideal training ground for practicing combos and honing specific abilities with complete freedom. The best part? You can keep trying until perfection is achieved, making it a haven for those striving for greatness.

The primary objective is to achieve high scores. By pressing the triangle button over each ability, players can see how it contributes to their score, which is displayed at the top of the screen. This approach rewards players for their bravery and efficiency in battle. At the end of each encounter, a score corresponding to the performance level is awarded.

Notably, Arcade Mode allows players to revisit various stages of the main game, granting them the opportunity to relive the excitement. It also encourages replaying these stages to attain better scores. As if that weren’t enough, online leaderboards have been integrated, enabling players to compare their scores on a global scale.

Arcade Mode marks a new addition to the Final Fantasy franchise, drawing inspiration from the hack ‘n’ slash action game series, Devil May Cry. Similar to Devil May Cry, where Dante and other characters receive scores at the end of each battle, Final Fantasy 16 introduces this scoring system to heighten the competitive aspect of gameplay.

How to Unlock Arcade Mode

Arcade Mode becomes accessible once you complete the Fanning Embers chapter with Cid and Torgal. Right before departing from the Greatwood to Orabelle Downs, a tutorial message will notify you that Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16 has been unlocked.

To access Arcade Mode, head to the Hideaway and locate the Arete Stone, situated directly across from Lady Charon’s stall.


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Check out some footage of Arcade Mode being played below.

Otherwise, that wraps up how to unlock and play Arcade Mode in Final Fantasy 16. For more useful tips on the game, search We Game Daily.