Starfield character in space suit

Image source: Bethesda

Big galaxy, small screen.

Bethesda’s next chapter of massive open-world RPG gaming looms on the horizon as Starfield‘s launch approaches. As you might imagine, director Todd Howard is doing the rounds promoting the upcoming game, and he recently spoke about the potential of a Starfield Steam Deck version.

During an interview with Kinda Funny Games’ XCast, he explained the team’s focus on accessibility options such as a Large Font Mode. While he was referring to its helpfulness for those with poor eyesight, especially as related to handheld systems with smaller screens.

Starfield Steam Deck Release Is on the Table

Howard said:

One thing that we’re leaning in on with this game is having a Large Font Mode, which really is important in an RPG where there’s a lot of stuff to read. So, it comes into play obviously with accessibility with various monitor sizes. I’m noticing that that’s really helpful when I play. There’s a lot more handheld devices coming out where you can stream these games or sometimes even play them even natively, and it really helps us there as well.

When asked about Starfield’s compatibility with the Steam Deck, Howard remained somewhat vague, stating, “We’ll talk about that further down the road.

While this response doesn’t guarantee Steam Deck compatibility at launch, it strongly suggests that Bethesda Game Studios is internally exploring the idea. Those with the system will certainly be hoping that’s the case!

For those not up to speed, in Starfield, players can explore a vast open world set in the Milky Way galaxy. This immersive environment comprises a blend of fictional and non-fictional planetary systems, offering over 1,000 planets, numerous moons, and a variety of space stations that players can visit and land on. Achieving such scale on a handheld device would be no small feat.


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Starfield is scheduled for release on Xbox Series X|S and PC on September 6, 2023.