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Many players are unsure whether they must play previous Final Fantasy games before diving into Final Fantasy 16 (FF16). Given the game is embracing action-oriented gameplay and breaking away from traditional turn-based mechanics, it has attracted a wider audience. But what about the story? Do you need to play other Final Fantasy games to understand 16’s narrative? Let’s explain.

Can You Play Final Fantasy 16 First?

Fortunately, you can enjoy FF16 without prior experience in the series. Like every mainline Final Fantasy game, FF16 has its self-contained story with no continuous plotlines or recurring characters. Exceptions are direct sequels like X-2, VIII-2, and Lightning Returns, as well as spin-off games. While playing FF16 as your first game, you may miss out on recurring monsters and subtle nods found in previous entries. However, this won’t hinder your enjoyment or understanding of the game. In fact, FF16 can serve as an excellent entry point to the series.

What Order Should Final Fantasy Game Be Played?

There is no obligation to play the Final Fantasy games in chronological order. You have the freedom to choose any game that interests you since outside a few exceptions they are not directly related. Fortunately, most Final Fantasy games are available on modern platforms, providing easy access to explore the rich worlds and captivating stories they offer. 

That said, while many of the games mentioned above are now on PC, FF16 is not and doesn’t have a release date for other platforms beyond PS5.

Best Final Fantasy Games to Play After 16

If you enjoyed FF16 and are looking for similar gameplay experiences, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is an excellent choice. It blends action combat with turn-based elements and has upcoming sequels to anticipate. For those seeking a more open-world approach, Final Fantasy 15 is a recommended option. It is also worthwhile to explore the turn-based entries, with Final Fantasy 6 standing out as a fan favorite. For those interested in different gameplay dynamics, Final Fantasy 14 provides a captivating MMO experience within the Final Fantasy world.

In any case, newcomers to the Final Fantasy series can confidently embark on their journey with FF16, as prior experience is not required. The series offers a variety of games with unique settings, gameplay styles, and stories. Whether you choose to explore the earlier classics or try the more recent installments, each game provides a self-contained adventure to enjoy.


Here’s How big FF16’s Install Size Is

That wraps up whether you need to play other Final Fantasy games before 16. For more content on the game and everything about the franchise, you’re already in the right place at We Game Daily.