life by you best features

Image source: Paradox Interactive

That's life... That's what all the people say.

Life by You, the highly-anticipated life simulation game, is gearing up to revolutionize the genre and present a fresh experience for players, setting itself apart from The Sims 4 in several ways. Paradox Tectonic has provided us with tantalizing glimpses of the game through screenshots, videos, and informative questionnaires. Let’s delve into five Life by You features that should make the upcoming game stand out from The Sims franchise it is inspired by.

5 Promising Life by You Features

Shop Until You Drop

Image source: Paradox Interactive

Life by You introduces a robust buying system that shopaholics will adore. Gone are the days of limited purchasing options. The game offers an exciting food mart where players can explore and interact with displays, sample food, gather ingredients for recipes, and even witness pickpocketing transactions. Additionally, clothing stores allow players to directly choose outfits from racks, expanding the range of choices and immersion.

Real Conversations

Image source: Paradox Interactive

Breaking away from traditional simulated languages, Life by You surprises players by featuring fully realized conversations. The game showcases a dialogue creator, empowering players to craft discussions that shape relationships, unlock quests, and affect character moods. While preset dialogue options are available for easy enjoyment, the option to personalize conversations and weave unique narratives adds depth to the gameplay experience.

Controlling Characters Directly

Image source: Paradox Interactive

Forget point-and-click, Life by You offers players the ability to directly control their characters. With this feature, players can interact with objects and characters based on their perspective, akin to the third-person view found in AAA games. Just as in other urban large-scale open-world games, players can even take the wheel and directly control vehicles, adding a new level of immersion to the life simulator genre.


Image source: Paradox Interactive

Speaking of vehicles, Life by You takes a major step forward in the life-sim genre by incorporating transportation to a degree we haven’t really seen before. The game introduces a diverse array of transportation options. Screenshots reveal the inclusion of cars, motorcycles, bikes, and skateboards to provide greater freedom to traverse the virtual world. Combined with the Direct Control mechanic, players can explore the game’s universe with unparalleled mobility.

Building Mechanics

Image source: Paradox Interactive

Life by You empowers players with extensive customization tools, offering nearly limitless possibilities for personal expression. The game’s features include a color wheel and the ability to scale patterns vertically or horizontally, allowing players to achieve their desired designs. Moreover, the freedom to move structures within the game world without limitations adds another layer of creativity to the experience. With this flexibility, players can truly make their virtual spaces their own.

As the 5 March 2024 release date draws nearer, our anticipation continues to grow for Life by You‘s innovative mechanics and systems. Its distinct features promise a fresh take on the life simulation genre, setting it apart from The Sims 4 and providing players with exciting new avenues for virtual exploration and self-expression.