enshrouded skill trees and what they do

Image source: Keen Games

Like any good RPG experience, progression plays a big part in Enshrouded. The game offers players the ability to tailor their characters according to their unique play styles. There are 12 distinct skill trees, each branching out into various abilities. Here we’ll be breaking down all Enshrouded skill trees and how you can use them.

Enshrouded Skill Trees, Explained

Let’s break down every skill tree in the game and what each is useful for. This should provide a handy reference for newcomers to build their character as they adventure across Embervale. As you’ll see below (and have probably noted in-game), each of the 12 skill trees is segmented into 3 different segments. Remember, you can pick and choose as you go, and you can reset skills at any point.

Stamina Skills

  • Survivor: This tree enhances your endurance, boosting stamina and other survival skills. Key features include health, mana, stamina restorations, and an extra food slot, crucial for long journeys.
  • Beastmaster: Focuses on poison resistance and harmony with wild animals. Signature skills like Beast Master call upon nearby wild animals for assistance in combat.
  • Ranger: Specializes in bow and arrow skills, improving endurance, dexterity, stamina recharge, and critical stats. Unique abilities include Multi-Shot, increasing your ranged attack potency.
  • Assassin: A blend of archery and mana generation. Key abilities include Blessed Arrows for mana regeneration and Shell Shock, which infuses ranged explosives with stunning capabilities.

Mana Skills

  • Trickster: Introduces magic into your arsenal. Notable abilities include Begone! for a magic-powered punch and intelligence-based skill enhancements.
  • Wizard: Mastery of staffs and various magic types, including electrical, fire, and frost. The Radiant aura ability is a highlight, causing damage to enemies based on your intelligence.
  • Healer: Ideal for cooperative play, offering abilities like Blink for teleportation and Martyr, which restores allies’ health upon your defeat.
  • Battlemage: Combines wand weaponry with high magical damage absorption. Synergizes well with the Tank skill tree for abilities like Blood Magic, converting health into mana.

We’ve got an Enshrouded Mage build guide if you’re keen on exploring this type of character.

Strength Skills

  • Tank: Focused on melee combat, this tree is perfect for drawing enemy attention in co-op play. Key abilities include Nemesis and Warden, enhancing your resilience against multiple foes.
  • Warrior: Offers diverse combat styles (blunt, cutting, piercing) with a focus on one-handed swords and axes. The Swift skill increases attack speed, emphasizing Constitution and Strength.
  • Barbarian: Enhances melee weapon efficiency, especially with two-handed hammers. The Barbarian skill boosts Strength based on your Flame Altar levels.
  • Athlete: Known for the Jump Attack, this tree increases damage in a blast radius and improves Stamina and health with each enemy attack, focusing on Strength and Constitution.

Other Skills

There’s another set of skills located at the heart of the skill tree board. These are versatile and not confined to any specific category. They include abilities like Sneak Attack, which is useful for a stealth build.

Tips for Building Your Character

Select skill trees that complement how you enjoy playing. If you prefer stealth, focus on Assassin or Ranger skills. For direct combat, look towards Warrior or Barbarian.

Again, you can combine skills from different trees to maximize effectiveness. For example, mix Mana and Strength skills for a well-rounded magic and melee combatant. So, try different combinations.

That wraps it up. Enshrouded’s skill trees offer a rich and varied path to character development, ensuring that every player can create a character that suits their style. You can count on us to write up some useful build guides in due course!