Life by You title screen

Image source: Paradox Interactive

Options are good.

Fans of The Sims have a new franchise to look forward to over the coming months in Life by You, and this week we’ve finally seen more of its gameplay. Paradox Interactive and Tectonic Studio have unveiled a new trailer showcasing the highly anticipated life simulation game.

Life by You Character Customization Trailer Looks Detailed

The latest video focuses on the extensive body customization options, particularly highlighting the feminine body type. Players have access to a plethora of sliders that allow them to adjust every aspect of the character’s physique. Surprisingly, the customization options even include extreme proportions that may not be entirely realistic. Nevertheless, the game emphasizes the freedom of self-expression.

Whether you prefer to visualize your character in underwear or fully clothed, the sliders remain functional and enable fine-tuning of the desired appearance. This ensures that players can achieve their desired results regardless of their fashion choices.

Life by You is scheduled for an early access release on September 12, available on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PC. The game’s development is spearheaded by Rod Humble, the studio’s general manager renowned for his notable contributions to The Sims franchise and Second Life.

Previously teased at an event a few months ago, the game was later fully revealed through an official trailer, generating further anticipation among fans and gamers alike. You can check that out below if you haven’t yet seen it.