GTA 6 trailer in GTA 5 Engine

Image source: Rockstar Games

Take it back.

A certain leaker might have spilled the beans on Grand Theft Auto 6’s trailer earlier than both Rockstar and its adoring fans would have liked, but it’s still racked up a staggering number of views. 160 million, in fact, which already exceeds that of its predecessor by a huge margin. The now 12-year-old GTA 5 was made during a different era, of course, but there’s no question the upcoming Rockstar game has the gaming community at a fever-pitch level of excitement.

Not everyone was convinced, though. As is always the case with highly anticipated game reveals, the naysayers were in full force. GTA 6’s graphical fidelity has been under the spotlight from the usual internet trolls who claim it’s less than impressive by modern standards. Yeah… we’re not sure what they’re looking at, either.

It’s fair to say the likes of The Last of Us Part 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and other modern titles have upped the ante in terms of visual fidelity in recent years. But for a game as absolutely massive and technically brilliant as GTA 6 is likely to be, who in their right mind could argue it’s spectacularly good-looking? They’re out there, apparently, with many claiming it wasn’t a huge leap from GTA 5’s first trailer all those years ago.

Well, now the argument has been blown out of the water because one talented YouTuber has recreated the GTA 6 trailer in GTA 5’s engine. The results are about as expected for anybody with a spec of grey matter between their ears. It’s startling just how bland and lacking in vibrance the engine looks by comparison.

As you can see, the remake of the trailer itself is really well done. A bunch of mods have been used, and likely lots of time spent taking and retaking scenes to get a near-perfect like-for-like of GTA 6’s trailer. No easy feat, we’re certain, and a very well done to RavenwestR1, whose trailer is now over a quarter million views itself!

What’s striking to me, in particular, is the lip-sync and facial animations. GTA 5 just looks so dated in 2023; where the atmospheric qualities and lighting of the engine can just about hold their own, the physics just aren’t on the same level. It’s only made me more excited to get stuck into GTA 6 when it launches in 2025.

It’s still a way out, though, which is exactly why I’ve been playing the GTA Trilogy via Netflix and written a bunch of guides you should check out next!