GTA San Andreas Netflix cheats

Image source: Rockstar Games

Make it a real playground.

The legendary GTA San Andreas has found its latest home on Netflix, bringing with it a treasure trove of 70 cheat codes so you can have some real fun. Whether you’re playing on a mobile device or tablet, cheats mix up the experience so you can get straight to the action. It’s a throwback to days of sitting on the couch with friends way back when passing the controller as you all cause mayhem. Below is a comprehensive list of all cheats in the Netflix Edition of GTA San Andreas so you can do exactly that!

GTA San Andreas Cheat Codes For Netflix Version

Player Cheats

  • Full health, armor, $250,000: HESOYAM
  • Infinite ammo: WANRLTW
  • Mega jump: LFGMHAL
  • Suicide: SZCMAWO
  • Hitman level for all weapons: NCSGDAG
  • Infinite lung capacity: CVWKXAM
  • Maxed vehicle stats: VQIMAHA
  • Maximum fat: BTCDBCB
  • Maximum muscle: JYSDSOD
  • Maximum respect: OGXSDAG
  • Maximum sex appeal: EHIBXQS
  • Maximum stamina: VKYPQCF
  • Never hungry: AEDUWNV
  • Spawn Jetpack: YECGAA
  • Spawn Parachute: AIYPWZQP
  • Semi-Infinite Health (bullets and fire): BAGUVIX
  • Super punch: IAVENJQ
  • Zero fat and muscle: KVGYZQK

Weapon Cheats

  • Weapon Set 1, Thug Tools: LXGIWYL
  • Weapon Set 2, Professional Tools: KJKSZPJ
  • Weapon Set 3, Nutter Tools: UZUMYMW

Vehicle Cheats

  • Cars Fly: RIPAZHA
  • Cars Have Nitrous: COXEFGU
  • Smash N’ Boom: JCNRUAD
  • Cars float away when hit: BSXSGGC
  • Destroy all cars: CPKTNWT
  • Cars are invisible: XICWMD
  • Cars have perfect handling: PGGOMOY

Wanted Level Cheats

  • Six Star Wanted Level: LJSPQK
  • Decrease Wanted Level: ASNAEB
  • Lock Wanted Level: AEZAKMI

Weather and Environment Cheats

  • Decrease Game Speed: LIYOAAY
  • Increase Game Speed: PPGWJHT
  • Time Goes Faster: YSOHNUL
  • Time Locked at 9 PM: OFVIAC
  • Time Locked at Midnight: XJVSNAJ
  • Cloudy Weather: ALNSFMZO
  • Foggy Weather: CFVFGMJ
  • Rainy Weather: AUIFRVQS
  • Sandstorm: CWJXUOC
  • Sunny Weather: MGHXYRM
  • Very Sunny Weather: ICIKPYH

Miscellaneous Cheats

  • Pedestrian Riot: IOJUFZN
  • Beach Theme: CIKGCGX
  • Ninja Theme: AFPHULTL
  • Rural Theme: FVTMNBZ
  • No Traffic or Pedestrians: THGLOJ
  • Aggressive Drivers: YLTEICZ
  • All Green Lights: ZEIIVG
  • Black Cars: IOWDLAC
  • Pink Cars: LLQPFBN
  • Junk Cars: BGKGTJH
  • Sports Cars: GUSNDHE

Spawn Vehicles

  • Spawn Bloodring Banger: CQZIJMB
  • Spawn Hunter: OHDUDE
  • Spawn Hydra: JUMPJET
  • Spawn Caddy: RZHSUEW
  • Spawn Dozer: EEGCYXT
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 1: PDNEJOH
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 2: VPJTQWV
  • Spawn Monster Truck: AGBDLCID
  • Spawn Quad: `AKJJY

Activating Cheats in GTA San Andreas on Netflix

Using cheats works slightly differently in the Netflix version given the platform. To enter cheats in the Netflix version of GTA San Andreas:

  1. Pause the Game: First, pause the game to access the main menu.
  2. Go to Options: In the game menu, select ‘Options’.
  3. Find the Accessibility Tab: Within Options, there’s an ‘Accessibility’ tab.
  4. Enter Cheat Codes: Choose the ‘Enter Cheat Code’ option and type in the desired cheat.

GTA San Andreas is now available on practically every platform, which will be a nice way to kill time before GTA 6 launches in 2025. If you’re exploring the other games within the definitive edition, check out our guides on GTA 3 and Vice City cheats.