turn off snow in GTA Online 2023

Image source: Rockstar Games via We Game Daily


GTA Online’s latest festive event has seen snow falling in the normally sunny Los Santos. It’s a fun theme, but the snow can get pretty annoying if you’re trying to go about your daily activities. So, just like us, you’re probably wondering how to turn off snow in GTA Online, which is exactly why we wrote this guide.

Turning Off Snow in GTA Online, Explained

So, this process is a bit involved, but it’s ultimately not too tricky. You have to glitch the game into permanently removing the snow from GTA Online’s 2023 event. As it so happens, despite the entire standard game mode being covered in snow right now, Rockstar has retained the original weather settings for certain missions. This is our hot ticket to, er, hot weather!

So, first things first, you’ll need to access and start a race event. Follow these steps:

  • Open the menu screen by pressing the option button or equivalent on PC.
  • Hover to online and click “Jobs.”
  • Then click “Play Jobs” and scroll to “Rockstar Created”
  • From there, go down to “Races” and go down to the one called “Cayo Perico – Bike & Subscribe”

In fact, there are several races that can be used, but this is the one we found was most consistent.

You then want to start the race using any settings you like (it doesn’t matter). The presence of other players in the lobby is not required so feel free to play solo. Once you kick off the race, simply drive around the track until you reach the first checkpoint.

Afterward, access the pause menu and head over to the Friends tab. Locate either someone in a free mode lobby or one of your active GTA Online friends. Now click on Options, and choose Join Game. The objective is to transition into your friend’s session directly from the Stunt Race Mission.

When attempting to join your friend’s session, the game experiences a glitch that introduces the sunny weather into your current session. And hey presto, it’s now always sunny in Los Santos. Simple, right?

Hopefully, you found this step-by-step walkthrough about how to turn off snow in GTA Online nice and helpful. We’ve got more guides on the game, as well as its predecessor trilogy which is now available on Netflix. If you’re wanting cheats for those games, we’ve got you sorted.