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Cough up.

If you’ve committed a crime in Bethesda’s latest RPG, you’ll need to keep the law sweet with an offering of credits. The consequences of not doing so will see numerous bounty hunters will be hot on your trail, eager to cash in on your capture. Nobody wants that. Here we’ll explain how to pay off your bounty in Starfield.

Paying Bounty in Starfield

The solution is straightforward: you must clear your Starfield bounty before the authorities catch up to you. This will turn you from a wanted outlaw into an upstanding citizen.

Your first move should be to seek out a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk. Here, you can settle your Starfield bounty without having to deal directly with a UC security guard or resort to any unsavory tactics.

Keep in mind that the amount you owe for petty crimes like theft or smuggling will differ significantly from the price on your head for taking a life. We recommend carrying enough funds to cover your Starfield bounty, as tax evasion isn’t an option in the game either. The Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk in Starfield will levy a small fee for their services, ensuring you don’t come out entirely unscathed.

Self-Service Bounty Clearance Kiosk Locations in Starfield

While you can expect to find these kiosks in major cities like New Atlantis, they can also be hidden away in remote bars off the beaten path.

Crucially, you must identify which faction is pursuing you. Attempting to pay off your bounty at a Trackers Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk in Starfield that aligns with your pursuers will result in immediate denial and a swift pursuit by guards.


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The solution is to venture into another star system unaffiliated with your current predicament and clear your bounty at a different Starfield kiosk. If you’re uncertain about the number of recent infractions, consult the star map to ensure that your chosen location for settling your unlawful deeds isn’t also on the hunt for you.

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It launched on Sept. 6 following an early access available only to those who pre-ordered the Premium Edition.