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Major improvements.

These days, modders can do some truly crazy things to newly released games, and in record time. Starfield has only been out for a week officially and already there are dozens of great mods that improve the experience. But which Starfield mods are best? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Starfield mods you can download and play right now.

True Aim

Starfield’s gunplay is a big improvement from previous Bethesda games, but if you’re used to conventional FPS titles it still feels clunky. True Aim makes a bunch of changes that really help smooth those issues out. You can even use different presets to transform the feel of shooting to your most-played game: Valorant, Overwatch, Destiny, etc. There are FOV, sensitivity, and movement changes to overhaul the Starfield gunplay to your favorite game.



There are just too many redundant messages in Starfield; seen em’ once, seen em’ all.

Fortunately, Gametism has developed a modification that eliminates all persistent warnings, splash screens, and logos that take too long to read and don’t really help. In terms of quantifiable results, the Vanilla version requires approximately 12 seconds to initiate, whereas this modification streamlines the opening process to a mere two seconds.


Quantum Reshade

Starfield is a game renowned for its commitment to achieving true-to-life immersion. However, have you ever contemplated the possibility of enhancing its realism even further? Allow me to introduce HelloImCrimson’s exceptional imaging and reshading modification, which elevates the entire experience to a level approaching lifelike photorealism.

This mod not only enhances the vibrancy of colors but also imbues the game’s overall visual aesthetic with a more cinematic quality. If you’re after a more natural and realistic color palette, this is the hot ticket.


Performance Optimizations

While the Xbox Series X|S versions of Bethesda Game Studios’ expansive cosmic RPG are locked at 30 frames per second, PC users can push their performance to higher levels. And if you’re still craving more, Erok’s helpful mod comes to the rescue by squeezing out additional frames from your setup.

Consider the image above as an example. On the left, you can see Starfield running on Ultra settings without the mod, achieving a respectable 80FPS. However, with the mod installed, you’ll gain an extra five frames, which amounts to a welcome increase of approximately four percent. Moreover, if you happen to be using an older machine like myself, you can expect even more impressive results.


Better HUD

Bethesda RPGs are beloved for immersive experiences, but arguably, one of the more distracting elements in Starfield is the way a lot of the HUD operates. With this mod, the XP Indicator and Location Text not only move from the center of the screen but also become much smaller and more discreet.

Furthermore, you can activate or deactivate various smaller, customizable quality-of-life improvements at your convenience. Additionally, the mod’s creator, KhaoMaat, welcomes further suggestions if you have specific preferences for how you want your HUD to look, creating a collaborative and accommodating experience.


Starfield Upscaler

This mod has been doing the rounds ever since Starfield’s release and for good reason. Due to a partnership agreement between AMD and Bethesda, DLSS upscaling doesn’t work. That means you won’t be getting proper upscaling to higher resolution if you have an Nvidia graphics card. This replaces the in-game FSR2 with DLSS/XeSS, which means you can enjoy the experience at its best.


Improved UI & Inventory Management

While the User Interface within Starfield demonstrates functionality and serves its purpose adequately, it is reasonable to acknowledge that it is not without its imperfections. Through the introduction of this modification by the creator m8r98a4f2, users will have the opportunity to avail themselves of a multitude of quality-of-life enhancements that significantly streamline their interaction with the menus.

Each of the newly incorporated elements is customizable, affording users the ability to categorize items according to their preferences. Ultimately, this modification grants players a degree of freedom to structure their menus in a manner that aligns with their individual preferences.


No Spongey Enemies

Let’s face it, Starfield’s enemies are complete bullet sponges. Yes, it’s an RPG and not a conventional shooter, but there’s no way a high-level pirate should be able to take an entire magazine of ammo to go down. This becomes an evermore frustrating issue in the game the higher your own character’s level. This mod aims to make damage more realistic, and it’s a must-have.


Undelayed Menus

In contemporary gaming, responsive in-game menus are deemed indispensable. While Starfield’s User Interface exhibits good design principles, there is room for improvement in terms of responsiveness.

Thankfully, Seb263 has meticulously crafted a modification that targets the game’s sluggish menus and provides a solution to augment the overall responsiveness. Given the substantial amount of time players invest in navigating menus within Starfield, this download is unquestionably essential.


Easy Speech

One of the comparatively less-publicized alterations introduced by Bethesda in their latest installment is a more dynamic and Random Number Generator (RNG)-oriented persuasion mechanism in contrast to its antecedents. basically, every persuasion endeavor effectively hinges on a dice roll. Consequently, the process of convincing in-game characters has assumed a degree of unpredictability.

Therefore, if your objective is to significantly simplify your interstellar odyssey, this modification stands as an ideal choice. It assures an unerring 100% success rate in all persuasion endeavors.


That wraps up our list of best Starfield mods to try next. Keep it locked to We Game Daily for more on the Bethesda’s latest RPG.