Image source: Bethesda via We Game Daily

Like a leaf on the wind.

In Starfield, the Razorleaf ship is a versatile ship that has a very special x-factor. It’s acquired after having completed a side mission called Mantis, which gives its owner a particular aura. It scares the sh*t out of pirates, and they won’t mess with you when they see you coming. So, after getting behind the sticks you might well be wondering whether you can modify this nifty little ship and still keep your “I’m a badass” title. Well, here, we’ll run through how you can modify the Razorleaf in Starfield to suit your adventuring needs.

Can You Modify the Razorleaf & Keep Passive Effects? Answered

Just like any other ship, the Razorleaf ship in Starfield can indeed be modified to improve its performance, storage capacity, and overall functionality. You can change as many Razorleaf components as you like, and regardless of how many parts you modify, you’ll still keep the Mantis effect that scares away pirates.

This is because the passive effect is tied to the ship slot and not the appearance of the ship itself. NPCs will always fear the vessel regardless of how much you change.

In case you’re wondering, the Razorleaf can be upgraded in all the usual ways:

  • Reactor – Upgrading the reactor improves your ship’s power output, allowing you to run more systems and equipment efficiently.
  • Shields – Improved shield technology provides better protection against enemy attacks, enhancing your ship’s durability.
  • Engines – Upgrading the engines can increase your ship’s speed and maneuverability, making it easier to navigate and engage in combat.
  • Weapons – Equipping your Razorleaf with more powerful weapons can improve your combat capabilities, allowing you to take on tougher adversaries.

Any of these can be performed at any shipyards (or staryards) in the game; we’ve recommended a bunch of them in our best places to buy/sell ships guide, but our favorite is the Deimos Staryard.

Cargo Space Expansion

With all the stuff you can accumulate in Starfield, expanding the Razorleaf’s cargo capacity is a good move on your spacefaring adventures; particularly because it isn’t the biggest ship in the game. Just as is the case for increasing storage space on any ship, here’s how you can increase your Razorleaf’s storage space:

  1. Storage Containers – Add storage containers to your ship to increase its cargo capacity. This allows you to carry more resources, loot, and trade goods.
  2. Shielded Cargo Holds – Consider using shielded cargo holds to protect valuable cargo from damage or theft during your travels.

Skill Progression

To unlock advanced ship upgrades, consider investing skill points in the “Starship Design” skill. This skill, found under the tech skill category, allows you to make more significant improvements to your ship. Skill progression is a key aspect of modifying the Razorleaf effectively.

Ship Class and Reactors

The ship’s class can be upgraded based on the reactor you install. For example, installing a Class B reactor can elevate your ship to a higher class. Understanding the relationship between reactors and ship class is essential for maximizing your ship’s potential.

Level and Perks

Keep in mind that some ship upgrades may be locked behind specific perks or require a higher level of ship research. As you progress through the game and gain experience, more upgrade options may become available to you.

So there you have it, modifying the Razorleaf in Starfield is both possible and something we highly recommend. Feel free to go ham modifying it even to the point that it doesn’t look at all similar to its original form. You’ll still scare off pirates and be considered the “Mantis.”