storage capacity in starfield is a limitation

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Lose some weight.

In the vast universe of Starfield, you’ll find an abundance of items waiting to be collected. However, the challenge of limited inventory space can often hinder your galactic adventures. Luckily, you can optimize your storage by utilizing your Ship Cargo, a highly efficient storage solution for all the valuable items you gather during your journey. With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of how to store items in your ship in Starfield.

How to Use the Ship Cargo Hold to Store Items in Starfield

Storing items in your ship is essential in Starfield if you don't want to keep running out of inventory space.
Image source: Bethesda

To access your Ship Cargo Hold, follow these simple steps:

  1. Physical Interaction: Approach the Cargo Hold, which is typically located near the cockpit of your ship. The exact location may vary depending on the ship model you’re using. Interact with it to open the Cargo Hold interface.
  2. Menu Navigation: Alternatively, you can open the Data menu and select the starship panel located in the bottom-left corner. From there, choose “Cargo Hold.” This will display all the items currently stored in your ship, allowing you to manage them efficiently.

From there, storing items in your Ship Cargo in Starfield is straightforward. First, ensure you’re storing items in your Ship Cargo and not accidentally removing them by cycling across to the storage option (rather than the “take” option — similar to buying/selling at a vendor). Then select the items you no longer wish to carry with you. You can place as many items as you like into the Cargo Hold, as long as you don’t exceed the Mass limit specific to your ship model.

Keep in mind that there are limitations when using your Ship Cargo:

  • Access Restrictions: You can only access your Ship Cargo through the menu when you are either on board the ship or physically close to it. Instantly storing items collected on a distant planet is not possible. Your Mass limit and proximity to your ship also need to be kept in mind.
  • Cargo Contents: Your Ship Cargo can hold a wide variety of items. However, it is highly recommended to use it primarily for storing crafting and research materials, as their weight can accumulate over time. These materials are often used within your ship, making it convenient to keep them stored there.

How to Increase Ship Cargo Hold Capacity in Starfield

To increase your cargo hold space, consider the following options:

  1. Add Cargo Holds: Visit the Ship Builder and consult with Ship Technicians scattered across the galaxy to add additional cargo holds to your ship.
  2. Upgrade Your Ship: Purchase a new ship with a higher cargo capacity or acquire one through other means, such as theft.
  3. Invest in the Payload Perk: Allocate skill points into the Payload perk to boost your cargo hold capacity.

Completing faction missions, like the Freestar Rangers questline, can even reward you with a ship boasting a generous 2.2k cargo capacity, suitable for mid to late-game adventures.


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If you still find your cargo hold lacking, consider selling contraband or other non-essential items to reduce the weight and free up valuable space. Running out of inventory space is a pain in the butt, so best to avoid it wherever possible! With these strategies in mind, you should be able to manage your inventory and make the most of your spacefaring experiences in Starfield.