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A sticky situation.

To craft the most powerful weapons in Starfield, you’ll need an ingredient that will be familiar to long-time Bethesda fans: Adhesive. This sticky resource isn’t particularly easy to find and it’s rather expensive, which is why maintaining a steady supply involves farming. Here we’ll break down the process of how to get and how to farm adhesive in Starfield, including how to set up an adhesive farm and how to extract it. We’ll also detail other ways of getting adhesive in the game, too.

How to Farm Adhesive in Starfield

Put simply, the process of farming adhesive in Starfield can be broken down as follows:

  1. Locate a planet with a desert or swamp biome where you can find sweetwater cacti. Gagarin in the Alpha Centauri system is an excellent choice, given its early accessibility. However, other planets may also have plants that yield adhesive when harvested. This guide applies to those as well, but we’ll use Gagarin and sweetwater cacti as our example.
  2. Scan the sweetwater cactus until it reaches 100% completion in your data logs. This step enables you to cultivate it within the greenhouse, making it visible in the building’s control panel.
  3. Construct the necessary infrastructure, including connecting the greenhouse to a water source. Once set up, the greenhouse will begin producing adhesive. Simply transfer the adhesive to storage and let it accumulate while you rest or pass the time.
  4. Retrieve your adhesive from storage whenever you need it.

How Starfield’s Greenhouses Work

The Greenhouse module in Starfield isn’t a standard Outpost component. To gain access to it, you must invest a skill point in the Botany skill and, naturally, allocate enough points to unlock the Advanced tier within the Science skill tree.

How to get and how to farm adhesive in Starfield
You’ll need to have 100% scanned a flora species to unlock the Greenhouse module for your Outpost. Image via Bethesda.

The Greenhouse won’t appear as a buildable option unless you’ve completed a 100% scan of at least one flora species on the planet.

Secondly, the Greenhouse’s resource production is limited to what’s available on the planet where it’s constructed. So, if you aim to cultivate adhesive, you’ll need to locate a planet that already has adhesive resources and establish your Outpost there. It’s worth noting that the biome doesn’t need to match; you can confirm this by constructing your Outpost in a different biome on the same planet, although being on the same planet is an absolute requirement.

  • To unlock the greenhouse, you must attain a Botany skill level of at least 1. Botany resides on the leftmost branch of the Science skill tree and requires some skill point investment.

For a single greenhouse with its water collector (totaling 8 power consumption), you’ll need:


  • 3x Reactive Gauges (1x Aluminum, 1x Iron)
  • 5x Adaptive Frames (2x Aluminum, 1x Copper)
  • 4x Fluorine
  • 3x Sealant

Extractor – Water Vapor:

  • 5x Aluminum
  • 3x Benzene
  • 4x Membrane

Wind Turbine (provides 10 power on Gagarin):

  • 5x Aluminum
  • 3x Nickel
  • 2x Cobalt

A few additional tips:

  • The commercial greenhouse, which produces more of the same material, can be unlocked through the Outpost Engineering Rank 1 Perk and the Horticulture 1 lab project.
  • If you plan to build multiple greenhouses, it might be more efficient to connect several water extractors to a liquid storage container and distribute water from there to the greenhouses. This minimizes the number of connections needed.
  • Keep in mind that storage containers can become full, so have additional containers ready as needed.

Please note that if there’s no flora on the planet or you haven’t completed a 100% scan of at least one flora species, the greenhouse won’t appear in the building menu.

Adhesive Item ID: Using Console Commands to Get Adhesive

Another option to get adhesive in Starfield is to simply use a console command. By employing the ‘additem (Item ID) (Value)’ cheat within the console command menu you can easily stock up. This is technically cheating, of course, so keep in mind this will deactivate achievements.

To use console commands to get Adhesive, simply punch in ‘additem 000055B1 500.’ You’ll then receive 500.

So, there you have it: a few approaches that answer how to farm adhesive Starfield. Hopefully you don’t get… stuck. Sorry. And if you’re having trouble with pesky bugs, we have have you covered with two of the worst: the “Rook Meets King” and “Into the Unknown” quest bugs.