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Just as you’d expect from a game based on the rich lore of Warhammer, Rogue Trader features dozens of interesting characters you’ll encounter throughout your adventure. Many of them can be recruited to your party as companions, but not all are so easily found. In fact, there are number of Rogue Trader secret companions that require you to meet certain requirements and make specific choices to unlock. Here we’ll break down all the secret companions in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader, including their locations and how to recruit them.

Recruiting Secret Companions in Rogue Trader

In Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader, convictions play a big role in shaping your journey and determining your character’s path.

There are three convictions – Dogmatic, Heretical, and Iconoclast. Your actions and decisions throughout the game can strengthen these convictions, which in turn unlock different combat benefits and determine which secret companions you can recruit.

Once your conviction reaches ‘Votary’, you cannot boost other convictions beyond the ‘Adherent’ level. This essentially locks you into your chosen path; since you can only pursue a single Conviction at a time, you can recruit only one secret companion per playthrough. This limits you to having a maximum of 11 companions concurrently. However, there’s an exception in the Heretical path, where choosing this Conviction in Act 4 will lead to several companions leaving your party.

All Secret Companion Locations in Rogue Trader

There are three secret companions in Rogue Trader:

  • Calligos Winterscale (Iconoclast) Calligos Winterscale, a legendary rogue and a heroic figure, is one of the secret companions you can recruit in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader. Known for his adventurous spirit, he can be recruited if you lean towards the Iconoclast conviction.
  • Incendia Bastaal-Chorda (Dogmatic)Incendia Bastaal-Chorda is a staunch Imperialist views and uncompromising principles, she can be won over if you lean towards the Dogmatic conviction.
  • Uralon (Heretical)A chaotic rebel with heretical ideals, Uralon is the third secret companion you can recruit in Warhammer 40K: Rogue Trader. Recruiting Uralon requires you to follow the Heretical conviction path, which is the most challenging of the three paths.

How to Recruit Winterscale

Calligos first appears in Act 2, during a significant in-game event known as the Coronation. To improve your rapport with him, choose options that align with the Iconoclast conviction.

In Act 4, you will encounter Calligos again on a planet named Quetza Temer. Here, you will have to make a crucial decision – either to assist Calligos in eliminating the Aeldari or to find a peaceful resolution. Regardless of your choice, Calligos will join your party at the final battle of Act 4 if you’ve successfully strengthened your Iconoclast conviction.

Companion Location: Act 2: Coronation event / Act 4: Planet Quetza Temer

How to Recruit Incendia Bastaal-Chorda

Like Calligos, Incendia first appears during the Coronation event in Act 2. To strengthen your bond with her, choose options that align with the Dogmatic conviction.

In Act 4, you’ll meet Incendia again on the planet Footfall. Here, you’ll need to complete a main quest that best benefits Incendia. Successfully doing so will convince her to join your party at the final battle of Act 4.

Companion Location: Act 2: Coronation event / Act 4: Planet Footfall

How to Recruit Uralon

Recruiting Uralon involves a series of tasks that begin as early as the game’s Prologue. Firstly, you have to collect a piece of the Chaos Blade. The second piece of the blade can be found in Act 1, on a planet called Raikad Minoris. It’s crucial to keep these blade pieces safe throughout the game.

In Act 4, multiple party members will abandon your ship, marking your progression on the Heretical Conviction path. When you reach a planet named Eufrates II, a chaos altar will appear in your quarters, and your ship will change. At this point, you should use the two pieces of the Chaos Blade at the altar to fully worship the Chaos Gods.

Continue the main quest on Eufrates II and turn against the Space Marines, annihilating them. After this, you must let the planet Eufrates II succumb to the Chaos Gods. Completing these steps will persuade Uralon to join your party.

Companion Location: Prologue: Begin collecting the Chaos Blade pieces / Act 1: Find the second piece on planet Raikad Minoris /Act 4: Key events on planet Eufrates II.

So there you have it. Each Rogue Trader secret companion offers unique abilities and contributes to the narrative in their own way. However, recruiting them is obviously a time-consuming task that requires you to make specific choices. Hopefully, this guide serves as a handy reference so you can recruit the companion you’re interested in. For those stuck on the Outcast’s Duty bug, we’ve written a fix guide.