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Sea of Stars captivated us with its rich narrative and engaging gameplay mechanics, and there are many adventures to head. One of the main side quests are the Solstice Shrines — optional dungeons that players can explore to gain special gear and skills. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive walkthrough of all the Sea of Stars Solstice Shrines, the secrets they hold, and what challenges you’ll need to beat along the way.

Solstice Shrines are mysterious sites scattered throughout the Sea of Stars game world. Each shrine houses a unique puzzle that players must solve to unlock its treasures. Solving the puzzles in these shrines unlocks powerful gear and skills, making them a worthwhile detour from the main story quest. In addition, completing all five Solstice Shrines also opens a secret portal leading to a special boss fight.

Sea of Stars Solstice Shrine Locations

Solstice Shrines are scattered throughout different locations in Sea of Stars. Some are quite straightforward to find, while others are hidden in less obvious locations or require specific abilities to access.

The Evermist Island Shrine

The first Solstice Shrine you can access is located on Evermist Island below the Moon Path. To enter, acquire the Shrine Key from Headmaster Moraine, who holds it locked until the appropriate time.

Evermist Island Solstice Shrine location.

The Wraith Island Shrine

On Wraith Island, you will discover another Solstice Shrine near the Town of Lucent. Accessing this shrine requires the Graplou grappling hook, which can be obtained from the Necromancer’s Lair.

Wraith Island Solstice Shrine location.

The Solstice Shrine in Serai’s World

Serai’s world holds a Solstice Shrine that’s a bit more challenging to access. This shrine is located in the southwest of the other world’s map. It requires you to solve a puzzle at the entrance using sunlight and solstice magic. The reward for this challenge is worth it, though, as it yields one of the game’s most powerful weapons: Star Shards.

Serai’s World Solstice Shrine location (Valere’s head icon).

The Western Island Shrine

On the Western Island, the Solstice Shrine is nestled between Sleeper Island and Evermist Island. To open the shrine, stand on a nearby button to raise a crystal platform and then change the time to illuminate all nearby crystals.

Western Island Solstice Shrine location (Valere’s head icon).

The Northeast Island Shrine

The final Solstice Shrine can be found on the northeast island, close to Mesa Island. It requires the ability to fly to access this shrine, making it one of the last ones most will discover.

Northeast Island Solstice Shrine location (Valere’s head icon).

The Secret Boss Fight

Completing all five Solstice Shrines unlocks a secret portal located in the Mountain Trail dungeon. This portal leads to a challenging boss fight that tests your skills and strategies. The boss fight is restricted to the two main characters, Valere and Zale. If you have it, therefore, equip them with their best gear, including the Eclipse Armor and the Heliacal Earrings for Zale, and the Moonstone Bracer for Valere. Be sure to have a good supply of food that restores the party’s HP and MP.

Elder Mist Returns

The boss fight is a rematch against the Elder Mist, a formidable foe you previously faced. This time, the fight is tougher, with the Elder Mist boasting new attacks and a higher HP count. However, the same strategies from the first battle still apply: focus on attacking the boss’s weapon first to avoid devastating counterattacks.

In short, Sea of Stars is a game that constantly surprises with its depth and complexity, and the Solstice Shrines are a perfect example of this. Other hidden secrets that we came across included the Romaya’s Secret Passage puzzle, which took a bit of working out!

We rated Sea of Stars a 7/10 in our review, saying ‘Sea of Stars is an incredibly ambitious RPG from a small studio, and quite clearly a labor of love. It shoots for the stars, but a few level design and combat frustrations, coupled with a meandering, overly-stretched plot and bland main characters, means it doesn’t quite make it into orbit.’

Sea of Stars is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.