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Secret sequence.

Sea of Stars not only captivates players with its classic JRPG elements and modern features but also offers a deep narrative experience. One of the more poignant story arcs involves the character Duke Aventry, a slave undead under the control of the Necromancer Romaya. In the game’s clean-up phase, just before the endgame, you’ll have the chance to help this tragic figure, following a request from Hortence, the undead pirate. That requires solving a challenging puzzle called Romaya’s Secret Passage.

Romaya’s Secret Passage Location

Romaya’s Secret Passage is a hidden location on the game’s map, accessible only by flying. Unlocking the flight ability becomes available after having progressed through the storyline to a certain point. Once you’ve got it, you’ll be able to navigate northeast of Wraith Island and land on a small, unnamed island. This is the gateway to Romaya’s Secret Passage in Sea of Stars.

Romaya's Secret Passage location.
Location of Romaya’s Secret Passage.

Outside Romaya’s Secret Passage, players will find a series of spinning pillars. These pillars can be manipulated using the Mistral Bracelet, allowing you to change both the runes and their colors.

The secret to solving this puzzle lies in the Flooded Graveyard. Duke Aventry can be found here, mourning the loss of his memories. Behind him is a cave entrance with vital clues.

Solving Romaya’s Secret Passage Puzzle, Explained

Romaya’s Secret Passage Puzzle in Sea of Stars
Take a screenshot of the runes for reference!

After dealing with a few easy enemies, focus on the runes on the back wall of the cave since they’re essential for the puzzle:

  1. A red rune resembling blades of grass.
  2. A broken triangle in green.
  3. A purple lightning bolt with dots on the top left and bottom right.

Our advice is to memorize or take a screenshot of these runes for reference.

Return to Romaya’s Secret Passage and adjust the runes on the three pillars to match those seen in the Flooded Graveyard. Then, use the central pillar to align the colors correctly. This configuration will open the door to Romaya’s Secret Passage. Once inside, you can continue your quest to free Duke Aventry from Romaya’s control.

And that’s that. Solving Romaya’s Secret Passage puzzle and freeing Duke Aventry wraps one of the more compelling storylines in Sea of Stars. There’s plenty else to do in this charming RPG, however, including the Turbo Cookie quest in Lucent and the Solstice Shrine puzzles. Fortunately, we have you covered!

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