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Who doesn't love a cookie?

Sea of Stars is packed with intriguing challenges and quests. Some, such as the Solstice Shrine puzzles, require a great deal of globetrotting. The Sea of Stars Turbo Cookie quest, however, takes place in the Town of Lucent. It’s one of the more layered quests, but securing the Turbo Cookie isn’t that intuitive, so we’re here to help!

Sea of Stars Turbo Cookie Quest Walkthrough

The Turbo Cookie quest is initiated by interacting with a ghost NPC in the Town of Lucent on Wraith Island. This ghost, found near the western wall of the town, asks you to retrieve its Turbo Cookie. However, it doesn’t provide specific instructions on where to find this elusive item. Interestingly, if you stumble upon the Cookie before encountering the ghost, you can complete the quest in mere seconds.

To successfully complete this quest, you must first acquire the Graplou, a critical item unlocked as you progress through the main storyline. With the Graplou in your inventory, follow these steps to reach the Turbo Cookie:

  1. Use the Graplou from the bridge to reach the ledges in Lucent.
  2. Continue advancing until you reach the roof of the central building.
  3. Climb down to the balcony and enter the attic.
  4. Among the dust and cobwebs, find a chest containing the Turbo Cookie.
The bridge in Lucent from which you start your grapple journey.

I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost

Once you’ve secured the Turbo Cookie, return it to the ghost. This triggers an attack, but don’t worry — this enemy isn’t particularly powerful. Upon defeating the ghost, you can explore one of the graves behind to claim your reward: the Shed Key.

Using the The Shed Key

The Shed Key opens a, well, shed near the eastern exit of Lucent. Venturing down the paths, you encounter a talkative pot with a penchant for pop quizzes. This quiz stage poses randomized questions, testing your understanding of the game’s lore.

Shed near Lucent’s eastern exit.

Mastering the Quiz

To ace this quiz, you need a comprehensive grasp of the game’s content. Most of the answers are found during the normal course of gameplay. However, some treasures are more hidden, especially given the game’s pixelated graphics, making them easy to miss.

The one question this guy never answers is what the hell he is!

After the main story ends, players will discover a unique item, the Falcon-Eyed Parrot, in a post-credits mission. This item helps in locating hidden items but isn’t explicitly explained in the game, so players might not realize its usefulness immediately.

The Falcon-Eyed Parrot

In Sea of Stars, the Falcon-Eyed Parrot signals when all treasures in an area have been found. To use this relic, go to the game’s settings, select the Relics menu, and activate the Falcon-Eyed Parrot. Then, open the pirate map and select the “Ping Parrot” feature. The parrot will highlight areas where you may have overlooked treasures, conches, or Wheels champions. Once these are found, the parrot will confirm that the area is clear, letting you move on to search for more hidden items in other areas.

The Turbo Cookie quest is one of Sea of Stars‘ more involved quests and leads to a quiz that really tests your knowledge of the game. With our guide, we hope you can navigate this quest with ease, and if you’re stuck on the Romaya’s Secret Passage puzzle, we also have you covered!

We rated Sea of Stars a 7/10 in our review, saying ‘Sea of Stars is an incredibly ambitious RPG from a small studio, and quite clearly a labor of love. It shoots for the stars, but a few level design and combat frustrations, coupled with a meandering, overly-stretched plot and bland main characters, means it doesn’t quite make it into orbit.’

Sea of Stars is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.