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More to do than there are stars in the sky.

Sea of Stars, a retro-inspired turn-based RPG, kept us highly entertained when it released earlier in 2023. However, one thing we’ve been pondering is whether there’s any missable content in Sea of Stars. This comprehensive guide aims to answer those queries while providing you with valuable insights into the game’s progression.

The Dilemma of Missables

“Missables” in gaming lexicon refers to in-game elements – items, achievements, trophies, or even narratives – that players may miss for good if they advance too far into the game. The fear of missing out on these elements often makes us apprehensive about progressing too far in the story.

Assurance from Sea of Stars‘ Developers

The developers of Sea of Stars, Sabotage Studio, have stressed that nothing in the game is missable. This information was confirmed in an interview with the game’s creative director, Thierry Boulanger, on Playstation Trophies. He insisted that their one rule was that nothing could be missable. They have designed the game in such a way that players can return to any dungeon at any time to seek out chests they missed.

The Role of the Falcon-Eyed Parrot Relic

The Falcon-Eyed Parrot Relic in Sea of Stars serves a unique purpose. This relic indicates if there’s any remaining treasure, Wheel players, or Rainbow Conches left to find. This feature ensures that players can easily track down missed items without having to spend hours backtracking.

Points of No Return

Despite the fact that Sea of Stars doesn’t have missable content, it does feature a pseudo-point of no return. Your in-game companions will hint when you should explore more to uncover hidden weapons and Rainbow Conches before proceeding further. This usually happens towards the end of the game.

The Final Dungeon

As you approach the final dungeon, remember you can leave it any time. Even before the final boss fight, a teleporter will transport you to the entrance. After defeating the boss, the game encourages you to complete hidden quests and find all the Rainbow Conches to unlock the true ending. You may need to fly around to complete all five Solstice Shrines, for example.

An Exception: The Mysterious Flimsy Hammer Items

While there’s no missable content in Sea of Stars, the function of the Flimsy Hammer items remains a mystery. As of now, nobody has deciphered their purpose, leading to speculations about its link to an even more secret ending or a real point of no return.

Achievements and Trophies in Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars comes packed with 42 achievements. While trophies and achievements are non-missable, some of them may require more than one playthrough to obtain. So, if you’re aiming for a 100% completion rate, prepare to immerse yourself in the stunning world of Sea of Stars more than once.

Sea of Stars missable content.
Tricky side activities like the Quiz can be completed post-final boss.

Fortunately, Sabotage Studio have crafted an in-game tracking method for any collection achievement. This thoughtful addition ensures that players can easily keep track of their progress without ruining the feel of the game.

So, in short, we can rest assured there’s no missable content in Sea of Stars. With an in-built tracking mechanism and the ability to return to any dungeon, players can enjoy the game at their own pace, focusing on the enjoyable aspects of the game rather than fretting over lost opportunities. That’s not to say that some of Sea of Stars‘ side quests aren’t tricky and involved, such as the Romaya’s Secret Passage and Turbo Cookie quests, but we at WGD have you covered there.