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Warframe players, fashionistas, and arcane enthusiasts can look forward to Operation Gargoyle’s Cry due to one very slick new item. It’s tricky and time-consuming to unlock, though, so here we’re breaking down how to get the Krios Signa in Warframe during the Gargoyle’s Cry event.

Krios Signa is a crown cosmetic introduced in Warframe’s Operation Gargoyle’s Cry event. Its golden and blue appearance makes it a highly sought-after customization option. However, unlocking this beauty isn’t a solo mission; it’s a community event — which means you’ll have to exercise some patience.

Gargoyle’s Cry Event, Explained

Gargoyle’s Cry Event

Operation Gargoyle’s Cry is a month-long Dojo event in Warframe. It rewards players with a range of items, including the Krios Signa, sigils, decorations, color palettes, and most importantly, Arcanes. While the Signa Krios remains locked and requires community efforts to unlock, other rewards can be obtained right away. The key to getting the rewards from this event is to be involved in an active clan; the more of you contribute, the faster you’ll get results.

Requirements for Participating

To participate in the Gargoyle’s Cry event, certain requirements must be met:

  • Players must have completed all main story quests up to “Whispers in the Walls.”
  • Players must be part of a Dojo that has placed a Vigile Jahu Gargoyle statue decoration.

How to Unlock & Get Krios Signa in Warframe

To acquire the Krios Signa in Warframe’s Gargoyle’s Cry event, undertake the Effervo assassination mission on Deimos. By completing this mission, you’ll earn curses and grotesque splinters. These curses are used to fill the Gargoyle statue, and when a specific threshold is met, players can exchange one grotesque splinter to purchase the Krios Signa. Grotesque splinters, the event’s currency, are obtained by defeating the Effervo boss, and those looking for a quicker accumulation can opt for Steel Path runs.

Note that to construct the Jahu Gargoyle shop in your Dojo, your entire Clan must first achieve the progress meter milestone within the Gargoyle’s Cry event. If your clan is too inactive or bloated, our advice is to leave and find a more active one.

To recap:

  • Complete the Effervo assassination mission on Deimos to earn curses and grotesque splinters.
  • These curses fill the Gargoyle statue, and once a specific number is reached, players can purchase the Krios Signa for one grotesque splinter.
  • Grotesque splinters are the event’s currency and drop from the Effervo boss, with Steel Path runs offering a faster accumulation method.

Collecting Curses for the Krios Signa Reward

To contribute curses for the event, players should:

  • Update the game to access Operation Gargoyle’s Cry.
  • Install the Vigile Jahu Gargoyle in their Dojo from Albrecht’s Laboratory.
  • Participate in the Effervo mission on Deimos to gather three types of curses: Knowing, Seeing, and Hearing.
  • Fill all three curse bars by feeding the Gargoyle to complete the event objective. It takes around 30 curses before you can unlock Krios Signa.
  • Purchase the Krios Signa from the same Gargoyle statue after completing the event. It only requires x1 splinter.

One challenge in the event is dealing with Void Angels. These enemies must be defeated to keep curses. Void Angels also provide void plumes to increase Zariman reputation. Overcoming these challenges is crucial for event success.

Why Take Part in the Gargoyle’s Cry Event

Participating in the Gargoyle’s Cry event is rewarding for several reasons:

  • Each run of the Effervo node guarantees a melee arcane.
  • Splinters can be used to purchase arcanes that are usually challenging or expensive to obtain.
  • Void Angels have a chance to drop arcanes from their loot pool.
  • The event simplifies arcane farming, making them accessible to all players.
  • Earn tokens to buy rewards.

Unlocking the Krios Signa in Warframe’s Gargoyle’s Cry event requires teamwork, dedication, and a strategic approach. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring this prestigious crown cosmetic and other valuable rewards.