LOTR Moria crossplay and platforms

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Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria delivers an authentic LOTR experience that caters to survival co-op fans. It plunges a team of friends into the depths of Khazad-dûm, but can they do it from different platforms? And what is the list of platforms currently supported? With such a buzz around the game, it’s no wonder so many are asking, and so we’re here to break down Return to Moria crossplay functionality.

Is Return to Moria Crossplay?

At launch, Return to Moria does not feature cross-platform play, which means players on different gaming systems cannot play together. However, crossplay is a significant feature on the developers’ radar. The game’s roadmap includes plans to introduce crossplay either by the end of 2023 or in early 2024. This update aims to connect players across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, fostering a unified and expansive community for the game — once the game launches on all those platforms, of course.

Update: With the release of Return to Moria PS5, the game has now been patched to Update 1. This has, however, not yet brought crossplay. That means it’s unlikely we’ll get a crossplay update between platforms until 2024 given that’s already approaching mid-December.

How to Play Return to Moria Playable on Steam Deck

Return to Moria is currently an Epic Games exclusive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play it on Steam. not available on the Steam platform itself, it is indeed playable on the Steam Deck. Here’s how:

  • Epic Games Store Requirement: The game is an Epic Games Store exclusive, which means Steam Deck users will need to install the Epic Games Store to play.
  • Installation Process: Players can download the Epic Games Store onto their Steam Deck using the Heroic Games Launcher.
  • System Requirements: The game requires 20GB of storage space. For Steam Deck users, especially those with the 64GB model, it’s recommended to invest in the best microSD card for an optimal experience.

All Moria Platforms & Future PS5 Release Date

Return to Moria has now been released for PS5, as of December 5. This launch was, of course, a delay from the initially planned launch date, which has allowed the developers at Free Range Games, alongside publisher North Beach Games, additional time to refine and enhance various aspects of the game. The game will be available both digitally and as a physical retail copy.

At the time of the PS5 launch, Return to Moria will support four-player co-op, with intentions to expand this feature later on.

Return to Moria Xbox Release Date, Explained

Return to Moria has a roadmap filled with updates, including the addition of shared world saves and the launch of the Xbox Series X|S version planned for early 2024. The developers are committed to enriching the game’s multiplayer experience and ensuring that friends can explore the vastness of Middle-earth together, regardless of their chosen platform.

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