Lord of the Rings Return to Moria Patch Notes & PS5

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Even better.

The Lord of the Rings Return to Moria was already one of our favorite co-op games of the year, and now following its PS5 release the developers at Free Range Games have announced a comprehensive patch that addresses over 425 bugs and improvements. The patch, which the team says continues its theme of “Mumshanmê” — a Khuzdul term meaning “At your service” — delivers some much-needed quality of life improvements. Here we’ll be breaking down all the Return to Moria patch notes in Update 1:

Return to Moria Update 1 Patch Notes

Quality of Life Enhancements:

  • New storage options: The “Elven Wood Chest” and “Ornate Chest” provide increased storage capacity.
  • Inventory management: An auto-deposit feature and a Sort button for grouping similar items have been added.
  • Auto-collection feature: Allows players to easily gather resources within a certain radius.

Storyline Refinement:

  • Final boss fight improvements: Enhanced audio, visual effects, and difficulty adjustments.
  • Clarified exit steps from Moria and fixed related bugs, aiming to reduce players’ confusion in the story’s last phase.

Dynamic World Changes:

  • Introduction of earthquakes: Triggered after major updates, these natural events will replenish resources and enemies, while occasionally impacting player-built structures.

Building and Environment Adjustments:

  • Resolved alignment issues in building blocks and environment art.
  • Specific attention given to Dwarven Farms, Mining Camps, the Elven Quarter, and Darkest Deeps Entrances.

Crafting Stations and Gameplay Tweaks:

  • Fixes for crafting station bugs and improved item crafting displays.
  • Enhanced respawn, loading, and fast travel mechanisms.

Item and Resource Balancing:

  • Increased stack size for various collectibles and reduced Elven Wood requirements in construction.
  • Adjustments to resource drops and scavengable items in certain areas.

Environment and Lighting:

  • Enabled adaptive exposure correction for more realistic lighting.
  • Addressed “Out of Bounds” errors and improved shadow fog dynamics.

Enemy Tuning:

  • Changes to enemy spawn rates and behaviors, ensuring a more challenging and engaging combat experience.

Dwarven Character Improvements:

  • Fixes to armor damage mitigation and voice-over inconsistencies.
  • Enhancements to light meter impact and animation adjustments.

Control and Interface Enhancements:

  • Improved mouse sensitivity, controller functionality, and user interface elements.
  • Overhaul of map icons for better legibility and user experience.

Localization and Accessibility:

  • Extensive updates to all supported languages, including localized legal pages.

Player Journey (Spoiler Alert):

  • Resolution of the “Fix the Hoist” goal issue, now completing correctly in the Crystal Descent.

Return to Moria PS5 Release Features all Update 1 Content

PC gamers will see their game updated to version 118059 in the Epic Games launcher. Excitingly, PlayStation 5 players can look forward to having all these fixes, plus those from previous patches, included in their day 1 download, marking the game’s much-anticipated debut on the platform.

The development team expresses gratitude to the gaming community for their ongoing support and invites players to report any bugs or provide feedback through their support page: Free Range Games Support.

If you’re just starting out on PS5, check out our comprehensive starter guide. We’ve also compiled a list of all resources in the game and how to get them.