how to unlock all stratagems in helldivers 2

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Issuing orders.

While cleaning out planets is a job for grunts on foot in Helldivers 2, you can always call on death from above to wipe out groups of enemies when you need fire support. That’s where your ship comes in very handy, though you’ll need to manage its capabilities for the best results. Here we’ll break down how to use ship management in Helldivers 2, and what to do if you randomly can’t seem to get ship management working.

Unlocking Ship Management in Helldivers 2

First things first, to actually get ship management working, head to the ship’s console. This is your gateway to customizing and upgrading your ship, selecting stratagems for missions, and enhancing your capabilities with ship modules. From there you can drill into a few important options.

Changing Your Ship’s Name

If you’re not satisfied with your ship’s initial name, simply press Square (or the equivalent button on your platform) to rename it from the first tab in the ship management menu. You have two rows to craft the new name that resonates with your style. For example, “Sword of Judgment” could be a formidable choice.


As we’ve broken down in our full list of all stratagems in the game, these tools are basically your key to upgrading firepower and capabilities.

Use R Points or credits (indicated by a yellow R), which are earned by completing missions and participating in drops.

Consider investing in Rovers, especially those equipped with a rail gun or the Liberator assault rifle. They can provide significant support during your missions.

Ship Modules

These perks provide set effects, improving your ship’s overall performance. They can be purchased with samples (the orange or pink cubes) and, in some cases, additional resources. Some modules unlock as you level up.

For example, the Donation Access License Upgrade increases the number of magazines included with each support weapon drop, specifically enhancing certain stratagems.

Ship Management Not Working, Explained

At times, there have been some difficulties in accessing ship management in Helldivers 2. If this occurs, it typically has to do with server issues or maintenance periods. If you cannot get ship management working, check if there are ongoing maintenance or server issues, as these can temporarily affect access to ship management features.

If that doesn’t seem to be the root cause of the issue, it’s worth ensuring you’ve reached the necessary level to unlock ship management. Sometimes, starting a mission yourself rather than joining others’ missions can help unlock it.

That wraps up ship management in Helldivers 2. We’ve got a guide to all boosters in the game then we’ve got you covered.