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Curious specimen.

In Helldivers 2, upgrading your cruiser is achieved by collecting samples. By collecting them –especially rare samples–, you’ll be able to unlock new defensive ordinances and improve overall combat effectiveness. Here’s your comprehensive guide to collecting samples Helldivers 2, including both common and rare varieties.

Collecting Samples in Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, you can acquire samples by collecting them throughout missions or by accomplishing both primary and secondary objectives within the game.

Common samples are relatively easy to find:

  • Points of Interest (POIs): While on a Galactic War mission, explore the area around you. Look for question marks on your compass, leading you to POIs where common samples are often found.
  • Destroyed Outposts: Another reliable source for finding samples is by searching through destroyed outposts. These areas are scattered throughout the mission maps and can provide a good number of common samples.

It’s worth noting that tackling missions with friends or other players increases your chances of finding more samples as you can cover more ground and complete more objectives together. You should ensure crossplay is enabled for a broader player base if you’re struggling for teammates.

How to Get Rare Samples

Rare samples are essential for specific upgrades but are harder to come by. They will not spawn in missions that are Medium difficulty or easier. To find rare samples, take on missions that are at least Challenging difficulty. These samples are less abundant but can be found around minor points of interest on the map, often accompanied by other items like ammo, grenades, and super credits. Look for the distinctive double square logo design indicating a rare sample.

How to Farm Samples Quickly

To farm samples, look for missions that involve eradicating a swarm within a 10-minute timeframe. These missions are not only manageable but also provide a good balance of challenge and reward.

We also recommend deploying turrets or other automated defenses to handle enemies while you focus on collecting samples. This strategy allows you to efficiently gather samples and complete mission objectives.

After completing a mission, quickly select another similar mission to continue farming samples and currency. Look for missions with the “eradicate” or similar keywords indicating a 10-minute duration for efficient farming.

Remember that samples add to your overall mission inventory. You must successfully extract to retain your collected samples. If you die, you’ll lose everything.

That wraps up our Helldivers 2 samples guide; hopefully, you’ll now be able to collect samples in Helldivers 2 both quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for upgrade info regarding Stratagems, we’ve got you covered too.