sons of the forest winter jacket location

Image source: Endnight Games

Keeping warm.

Having launched out of Early Access, Sons of the Forest 1.0 has even more features and content. One thing that remains the same, though, is that you’ll need a Winter Jacket to survive survive the harsh cold of winter. Also, to roam the snow-covered mountain in the middle of the island. Unlike other essential items, the Winter Jacket is not marked on the GPS. Here we’ll break down exactly where the winter jacket location is in Sons of the Forest and how to get it.

Winter Jacket Location in Sons of the Forest 1.0

winter jacket location
Image source: Endnight

The Winter Jacket can be found on the southwest side of the forest, near a pulsating green circle between two cave entrances and a couple of lakes. Specifically, it is located at the larger lake north of the green marker and west of the mountain. The jacket is inside a tent at an abandoned campsite near a waterfall, next to a skeleton (pictured above). There are also supply crates and items scattered around the campsite. Players can press and hold “E” to wear the jacket immediately or press “E” to add it to their inventory for later use.

You can use our interactive map page to help you find it.

Keep the following in mind:

  • The Winter Jacket can be picked up on Day 0, but it is located far from all three spawn points. Players will need to travel through the forest and may encounter hostile cannibals.
  • Staying alert and maintaining vitality by drinking water, eating food, and sleeping are essential for survival.
  • The campsite where the Winter Jacket is found also has a tent that allows players to save their game and sleep, making it a valuable emergency shelter.

How to Survive Winter

Surviving winter or the cold conditions on the mountain is challenging, as you’ll quickly find that you become almost constantly cold and wet, which reduces stamina. Building a fire using sticks can help combat the cold. Alternatively, craft a torch using a cloth and stick, which stays lit in rain or snow, providing a temporary solution until you acquire the Winter Jacket.

Clearly, the Winter Jacket is a key item for surviving the colder months in Sons of the Forest, and finding it early on can make a significant difference in your survival journey — and generally just make your life a whole lot easier!