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That's snow man!

The holiday season has arrived in GTA Online, and with it comes the return of the snowman hunt. There are 25 snowmen scattered throughout the map, and your task is to find and destroy them all. Here, we provide you with all 25 snowman locations in GTA Online to help you smash this festive hunt.

All 25 Snowman Locations in GTA Online

All 25 snowman locations in GTA Online.
All 25 snowman locations. Image via

Snowman 1: Located in front of a house at the very end of San Andreas Avenue in Los Santos.

Snowman 2: Found south of the first snowman, near the intersection of El Rancho Blvd. and Sustancia Road, standing in front of a house.

Snowman 3: Just a few blocks north of the first snowman, this one is located in front of a tree within the neighborhood.

Snowman 4: Located in front of a skateboarding halfpipe on Alta Street, close to the intersection with Innocence Blvd.

Snowman 5: In downtown Los Santos, it can be found in front of a statute at the intersection of San Andreas Avenue and Elgin Ave.

Snowman 6: Hidden between a bush and a tree in the center of Vespucci.

Snowman 7: In the center of Vinewood, between two buildings, near the Vinewood Plaza marker.

Snowman 8: At the top of another halfpipe at the intersection of San Andreas Avenue and Vespucci Blvd.

Snowman 9: Located in front of a mansion off West Eclipse Blvd in the north of Los Santos.

Snowman 10: Close to Blaine County, in front of a house off Tongva Drive.

Snowman 11: Also close to Blaine County, in front of a playground just south of Marlowe Drive.

Snowman 12: This GTA Online snowman location is just in front of the Galileo Observatory.

Snowman 13: North of Ineseno Road, make sure to go to the back of the houses to find it.

Snowman 14: Located north of the thirteenth one, at the very end of Banham Canyon Drive, at the top of a hill.

Snowman 15: At the center of a roundabout between Zancudo Road and Tongva Drive, near Blaine County.

Snowman 16: In the Great Chaparral area, at the top of a hill just off Baytree Canyon Road.

Snowman 17: North of La Fuente Blanca, on a farm property close to Blaine County.

Snowman 18: In Blaine County, just north of Ron Alternates Wind Farm, between Senora Freeway and Senora Way.

Snowman 19: Along Joshua Road in Blaine County, within the Harmony area.

Snowman 20: Within a neighborhood in Blaine County, at the end of Zancudo Avenue, south of the Alamo Sea.

Snowman 21: North of the Alamo Sea, in Grapeseed.

Snowman 22: At the end of El Gordo Drive, close to the ocean.

Snowman 23: At the northernmost point of the map, near the Up-n-Atom sign, just off the Great Ocean Highway.

Snowman 24: In Paleto Bay to the north of the map, specifically on Duluoc Avenue.

Snowman 25: The final GTA Online snowman is located just south of the previous one, by the sea, off the Great Ocean Highway, north of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.

You can check out the video walkthrough from Game Time Live below for a handy visual reference:


Each snowman you take down will reward you with $5,000. Once you’ve located all 25 snowmen, you’ll receive an additional $125,000. And, if that’s not enough, you’ll also unlock the snowman outfit as a special reward.

So, there you have it. With this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your snowman hunt in GTA Online and claim your rewards. Happy hunting, and may your holiday season be filled with festive fun in Los Santos!