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Upgrades, get your upgrades.

If you’re an aspiring spacefarer in Starfield, you’ll quickly realize that upgrading your ship is a crucial part of the game. One of the essential upgrades is installing the Comspike Module, a critical component required for the “Eye of the Storm” mission. Let’s explain how to install the Comspike Module and the Conduction Grid on your ship. Rest assured, it’s not as daunting as it may seem, as long as you follow the correct procedure.

Installing a Comspike Module and a Conduction Grid in Starfield

Comspike module in Starfield

Follow these simple steps to outfit your ship with the Comspike Module and Conduction Grid in Starfield.

  1. Talk to Jasmine Durand: Your journey to ship enhancement begins after a conversation with Jasmine Durand. After speaking with Delgado, head to the service room, where Jasmine is conveniently marked on your map. Initiate a dialogue with her, and select the options “Mind helping me with my ship?” and “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”
  2. Select Comspike Module and Conduction Grid: Now, you’re in the shipbuilder mode. Navigate to the “add options” section and find the equipment tab. Here, you’ll locate the Comspike Module and Conduction Grid.
  3. Install the Module and Grid in Your Ship: Select both the Comspike Module and Conduction Grid, then drag them to their designated positions on your ship. The game will indicate where these components should be placed. Once you’ve positioned them correctly, exit the shipbuilder mode.

If, after following these steps, you find that the mission isn’t marked as complete, don’t worry. You may need to revisit Jasmine Durand and repeat the process. If the issue persists, try exiting the mission and reinstalling the Comspike Module by restarting the game.


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By following these steps, you’ll have your ship upgraded and ready for your interstellar adventures in Starfield. Enjoy exploring the cosmos!