immortals of aveum dev lays off staff

Image source: EA

Ascendant CEO Bret Robbins expressed regret over the layoffs

Ascendant Studios, the creative force behind Immortals of Aveum, has announced significant layoffs, affecting nearly half of its workforce. The decision, which was made public during a company meeting held on Thursday, follows poor sales of the EA Original.

Before the layoffs, Ascendant Studios employed between 80 to 100 staff members. However, approximately 40 employees have been let go, according to information from inside sources at the studio.

Poor Immortals of Aveum Sales Force Layoffs

As mentioned, the primary reason cited for the layoffs was the underwhelming sales performance of Immortals of Aveum, which was released on August 22 for PS5, Windows PC, and Xbox Series X. This first-person shooter was published by Electronic Arts as part of their EA Originals program and was initially hyped as a groundbreaking AAA single-player magic shooter from an independent studio.

Unfortunately, the game failed to live up to its early promise, receiving mixed reviews from critics who accused it of rehashing familiar AAA tropes. SteamDB data revealed that the player count for “Immortals of Aveum” plummeted after its initial launch, peaking at just under 800 players shortly after release. Within a month, it reached a disappointing 74 players over a 24-hour period.

Part of the game’s struggles can be attributed to its demanding technical requirements, with less than 9% of PCs meeting the necessary specifications to run it, as reported by The Verge.

For a game with the budget and expectations of a AAA title, these figures painted a grim picture of profitability. One former employee went so far as to suggest that “Immortals of Aveum” might be one of Electronic Arts’ worst-selling Originals.

The layoffs haven’t been limited to just this recent round, as several other employees were reportedly let go in the weeks following the game’s release, according to sources within the studio.


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Ascendant CEO Bret Robbins expressed regret over the layoffs, emphasizing their necessity to ensure the studio’s continued operation. The future of the remaining team at Ascendant Studios remains uncertain as they attempt to navigate the challenges brought on by the underperformance of Immortals of Aveum.

This turn of events serves as a stark reminder of the challenging nature of the gaming industry, where even well-funded projects with significant hype can struggle to find their footing in a highly competitive market. For now, the fate of Immortals of Aveum and Ascendant Studios hangs in the balance, leaving both developers and fans of the game with uncertain futures.