gifting items in Enshrouded

Image source: Keen Games

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Navigating Embervale solo as a beginner is no easy task, which is why teaming up with friends is a very good idea. Sharing useful tools and resources is a good way to ensure everyone survives the wilderness. Here we’ll explain how to gift items in Enshrouded so that you’re stronger as a unit.

Gifting Items in Enshrouded, Explained

Gifting in Enshrouded is more straightforward than in many similar games, where players usually need to drop items on the ground or place them in a chest. Here’s a step-by-step guide to gifting items in Enshrouded:

  1. Open Your Inventory: Start by accessing your inventory where all your collected items are stored.
  2. Find the Item: Navigate through your inventory to locate the item you wish to gift.
  3. Right-Click and Gift: Right-click on the selected item. A “gift” option will then appear.
  4. Choose Quantity and Gift: Decide how much of the item you want to send and then click on “gift.”

Requirements and Limitations

While gifting is a straightforward process, there are a couple of requirements and limitations to keep in mind:

  • Proximity to Other Players: You must be physically close to the player you wish to gift an item to. Gifting across long distances on the map is not possible.
  • Inventory Space: The recipient must have sufficient space in their inventory to receive the gifted items.

No Restrictions on Item Rarity

An interesting aspect of gifting in Enshrouded is the absence of restrictions on the rarity of items that can be sent. You can freely gift epic and legendary weapons, making it an invaluable tool for collaborative play and resource sharing.

Why Gifting Matters

At first glance, gifting might seem like a minor feature. However, it plays a significant role in collaborative gameplay:

  • Efficiency in Building and Crafting: When working on a joint project, gifting saves time as players don’t need to deposit items in a shared chest.
  • Sharing Resources: It allows for an efficient distribution of resources, particularly useful in critical situations or when strategizing for battles.
  • Enhancing Team Play: Gifting fosters a sense of teamwork and camaraderie, making the Enshrouded experience more enjoyable.

Gifting is certainly a cool Enshrouded feature that puts multiplayer right at the heart of the experience. The more you work together as a team, the easier survival is, and ultimately the more rewarding the whole experience becomes.