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Image source: CD Projekt Red

Night City fantasy.

For fans of CD Projekt Red’s iconic franchises, Cyberpunk 2077 marks a big departure from sword-swinging and spellcasting. But for the launch of its Phantom Liberty DLC, the developer has included a sweet reminder of its lineage: Witcher-themed gear. This includes the Witcher sword, Gwynbleidd, along with some other cool gear. This guide breaks down how to get the Witcher sword in Cyberpunk 2077 2.1 and everything Witchery that launched as part of Phantom Liberty.

Getting the Witcher 3 Gwynbleidd Sword in Cyberpunk 2077

The most sought-after Witcher item in Cyberpunk 2077 is undoubtedly Geralt of Rivia’s legendary sword, Gwynbleidd. This tier 5 melee weapon, known for its critical hit bonuses and high damage, is not just a weapon; it’s a piece of fantasy lore transported into the neon streets of Night City. However, obtaining it requires a bit of preparation and investment.

To get Gwynbleidd, you need to purchase the Phantom Liberty DLC for Cyberpunk 2077. You also must also have copies of The Witcher 3 and GWENT: The Witcher Card Game added to your GOG (Galaxy of Games) account. This prerequisite might seem steep, especially for those who are not regular players of The Witcher series, but it reflects the unique collaboration between the two game worlds. Once these conditions are met, you simply claim your rewards through the My Rewards section in your GOG account, and Gwynbleidd will appear in the stash at V’s Apartment.

Witcher Sword Gwynbleidd Stats

Gwynbleidd stats make it formidable for melee combat. With a damage per hit of 117.27, an attack speed of 2.12, and additional benefits like a 20% bleeding chance and 25% armor penetration, it’s a weapon that can turn the tide in close-quarter battles. Plus, its unique abilities like dealing increased damage to bosses and guaranteed critical hits under certain conditions add to its allure. No wonder we added it to our list of the best melee weapons in the game.

Other Witcher Gear in Cyberpunk 2077

The Witcher gear in Cyberpunk 2077 isn’t limited to just Gwynbleidd. By connecting your game to a GOG account, you unlock a treasure trove of Witcher-themed items. This includes the Black Unicorn katana, a weapon familiar to Witcher fans, which boasts impressive stats like 164.2 DPS and enhanced critical and bleeding chances.

The rewards package also comes with a set of Witcher and GOG-themed clothing, including two T-shirts and a Wolf School Witcher jacket, perfect for those looking to add a touch of the Continent to their Night City escapades. Additionally, a plushie and other cosmetic items are part of this unique cross-over.

To claim these Witcher-themed items, it doesn’t matter whether you bought Cyberpunk 2077 through GOG, Steam, or the Epic Games Store. Simply link your game to your GOG account and log into the REDlauncher. These items will then be available in the stash in V’s apartment, ready to be equipped and flaunted in the streets and dark alleys of Night City.

The integration of Witcher gear in “Cyberpunk 2077” is a brilliant nod to the fantasy world of Geralt of Rivia, adding a layer of depth and nostalgia for fans of both series. While obtaining these items, especially the iconic Gwynbleidd, might require a bit of effort and cross-game investment, the payoff is worth it if you’re a big CDPR fan.