best melee weapons in cyberpunk 2077 2.1

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Slash your way through.

Roaming the mean streets of Night City, your survival often hinges on the weapons you wield. Following Cyberpunk 2077’s latest updates, various buffs and gameplay tweaks have reshaped the meta. Here we’ll be running you through what we consider the best melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 2.12, and we’ll be keeping it updated for future patches. Note that you can use our interactive map page to help you locate some of these items. We’ve recently added new melee weapon options we think rock!

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Elemental Monowire

Given that Netrunners were given a big buff for Update 2.0, the Monowire is now a superb melee option. You’d still want to run another weapon as well, but even alone the Monowire can rip through waves of enemies. Most enemies in Cyberpunk 2077 are vulnerable to elemental damage, so we’ve opted for this as our preferred choice.

Monowire Features

  • With the Jailbreak ability from the Phantom Liberty expansion, Monowires can apply quickhacks with melee strikes.
  • Exclusive to Phantom Liberty, this tree enhances Monowire capabilities by adding Control quickhack slots and spreading quickhack effects to nearby enemies.
  • Intelligence-based skills like Siphon and Finisher Live Wire, along with specific cyberware choices, maximize Monowire performance.

The Monowire’s unique features, quickhack integration, and elemental versatility make it an excellent choice, especially when combined with the right skills and cyberware.

To acquire the Legendary Monowire, visit the Ripperdoc in Downtown, City Center, or Heywood, Wellsprings. It requires 35,450 eddies and a street cred of 45 for the purchase.


errata katana

As we’ve noted in our list of best katanas in the game, the Errata Thermal Katana boasts a visually striking design and powerful abilities. Its Iconic Perk offers V an Armor Penetration boost and a high chance to inflict burning on foes. This burning effect greatly increases the chances of landing critical hits, making it a devastating weapon when used effectively. Combine with an Overheating Quickhack to deliver devastating critical damage.

Errata Features

  • Inflicts thermal damage, synergizing with burning effects
  • Exceptionally effective when utilized with an Overheating Quickhack

Errata is located inside the forge at the Electric Corporation power plant in Arroyo, Santo Domingo.

Blue Fang

best cyberpunk 2077 melee weapons

For those who prefer swift and lethal ranged attacks, the Blue Fang is the weapon of choice. It stuns enemies almost instantly and inflicts both Chemical and Poison damage, making it an ideal throwing knife.

Blue Fang Features

  • Exceptionally high probability of stunning enemies
  • Inflicts both Chemical and Poison damage

Blue Fang can be purchased from a melee weapon vendor in Jackson Plains, Southern Desert, for 45 street creds.

Cocktail Stick

best melee weapons in cyberpunk
Image source: CDPR

Sure, the Cocktail Stick looks a little bit absurd with its purple finish, but don’t let that fool you. It’s capable of slicing through its adversaries like butter. As one of the initial katanas accessible to V within the game, the Cocktail Stick boasts a solid damage output of 191 DPS in the early stages, alongside a notable increase in critical hit probability and the ability to inflict bleeding.

The Cocktail Stick is acquired during the main quest “Automatic Love,” in a quest that involves locating Evelyn Parker at the request of Takemura. You’ll need to search through Evelyn’s dressing room in the Clouds dollhouse — go figure!

The weapon boasts an impressive DPS (Damage Per Second) of 1,300.9, with each hit dealing 260 damage. It can unleash a rapid succession of attacks, striking five times per second. Although it comes with an empty melee slot for attachments, its customization potential varies by rarity; the Rare variant is equipped with a single mod slot, while the Legendary version offers three mod slots, allowing for greater adaptability and enhancement to suit individual combat styles.


best cyberpunk 2077 melee weapons

IF you’re a CDPR fan then you’ll want this one! A tribute to The Witcher 3’s Geralt of Rivia, the Gwynbleidd sword is a formidable weapon. It deals continuous critical hits when your HP is low and inflicts increased damage against bosses.

Gwynbleidd Features

  • Consistent critical hits when HP is low
  • Inflicts greater damage against bosses

To acquire Gwynbleidd, you need to have both The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty purchased on the GOG Galaxy platform. The sword can then be found in V’s stash.


Headhunter is a new variant of Punknife that enhances your headshot damage by 250%. After marking a target with a Headhunter shot, the knife returns to your hand, ready for the next victim.

Headhunter Features

  • Enhances headshot damage by 250%
  • Knife returns to your hand after hitting a marked target

Headhunter can be purchased from a melee weapon vendor in West Wind Estate, Pacifica, for 45 street creds.


best cyberpunk 2077 melee weapons

Jinchu-Maru is a katana that shines when paired with active Optical Camo, boosting your critical hit chance by 100%. The final strike of any combo or an attack on an enemy with twice your current HP will deal double damage.

Jinchu-Maru Features

  • 100% critical hit chance when Optical Camo is active
  • Deals double damage with the final combo strike or against enemies with twice your current HP

Jinchu-Maru is dropped by Sandayu Oda during the “Play It Safe” main job in Japantown.


best cyberpunk 2077 melee weapons

The iconic Crowbar offers a 100% increase in melee attack speed, making it a rapid and formidable weapon.

Crowbar Features

  • 100% increase in melee attack speed

Crowbar can be found underground during the “Somewhat Damaged” main job at Pacifica. Keep in mind that it’s a missable iconic weapon, so if you don’t grab it the first time you’ll need to reload a save.

Baseball Bat X-MOD2

The Baseball Bat X-MOD2, an iconic variant of the classic baseball bat, may not deal the most damage, but its enhanced attack speed, bleeding, and stun chance make it a worthwhile choice.

Baseball Bat X-MOD2 Features

  • Increased attack speed
  • High chance of inflicting bleeding and stun

The Baseball Bat X-MOD2 can be found on the rooftop of the Heavy Hearts nightclub in Dogtown.

That wraps up our list of best melee weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 2.12. Each offers a unique approach to combat. Whether you prefer stealthy takedowns with a neurotoxin knife or charging into the fray with a gold-plated baseball bat, there’s always a weapon that suits your style in the chaotic streets of Night City.